PERSISTENCE OF VISION using pic 18f4550

2015-01-27 10:24    By:alvarohbraga      View:45      Download:0


Algorithm C

pic 18f97j60

2015-03-12 06:04    By:inr      View:19      Download:1

How to write web page program in  c18 c compiler  with MPLAB v8.9 IDE. Our TCPIP rare file will support one web page....

Embeded C

how tu use PWM WITH pic 18f4550

2015-03-12 18:31    By:rinereze      View:44      Download:0

dfgjkgj dflkjh flkgh fhp pdfghk folfkh mfghpokfg lkfhjf fjkghir mfjb bjfm bjfp mlbgf, mbnfo mbjfm b,fmb gl bmdlb dk flb flrotr 356  dfgjk dgkjdg dfgkt necesito tener un codigo para realizar mi tarea y salvar el semestre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...

dc motor C

using UART using pic16f877a

2015-04-13 04:20    By:PALANI      View:82      Download:0

pic16F/18f Primer Board The pic16F/18f Primer board is specifically designed to help students to master the required skills in the area of embedded systems. The kit is designed in such way that all the possible features of the microcontroller will be easily used by the st...

Other Others

bLinking led using pic16f877a

2015-01-05 14:41    By:PALANI      View:42      Download:0

BLinking LED using pic16F877A  Dear folks,     Greetings.  I have run out of idea and sincerely need some help.  I copied an assembly code which programmed to work with a 16x4 LCD, and after all necessary setup, the whole system does not work.  I check the...

Other Others

LCD NOKIA 5110 interface using pic

2015-01-25 06:16    By:itisallright      View:50      Download:0

My project is about interfacing with Lcd Nokia 5110 using pic .  Note that : About contrast , lcd nokia 5110 support contrast by programming in Vop and Bias , beside you also can contrast by control power supply through variable resistor...

Java Development C

conductance vs current chart drawn toolbox using hspice simulation in matlab

2014-12-11 05:54    By:askiih      View:239      Download:0

Matlab coding is include in the attachment to communicates with HspiceToolBox.  The simulation data will be read by the codes automaticaly to draw all kinds of gm/ID curves. By interpolation functions. A look up table is established to find the Vgs in cert...

Linux programming Matlab

DC motor speed control using pic16f886 with MicroC IDE

2015-03-06 22:23    By:aman      View:41      Download:0

It generates PWM at 5khz to control dc motor(low side switching). duty cycle varies based on switch position....

Embeded C

Yellow pages in PHP

2015-01-25 13:39    By:hmdadou      View:57      Download:1

Yellow Pages PHP Script is one the best business Directory or Yellow Pages portal script written in PHP.  Yellow Pages PHP Script provides an easy way to publish a comprehensive online business Directory without technical knowledge for site administrator....

directory PHP

PHP admin template

9 hours ago    By:lxj8749      View:425      Download:8

PHP admin template, use ThinkPHP development, very easy to use...

php PHP

The HTML DOM parsing PHP class

2015-02-21 23:22    By:tushouhao      View:2384      Download:0

PHP parse HTML DOM function more powerful classes, which provide a more comprehensive approach, the class name "simple_html_dom_node" provides a dump, andchildren, andmore powerful methods such as XmlText, more suitable for HTML analysis, scenario such as Web page content to crawl and parse DOM fast...

php开发 PHP

PHP build broken line graph

2015-02-28 00:52    By:hbhorse      View:148      Download:1

This is used Broken line graph PHP generated source code. Welcome to download and try.  Thank you all for your support! Hope can help!...


MODBUS communication protocol and programming.

2015-04-16 18:10      View:592      Download:0

MODBUS communication protocol and programming to explain good MODBUS communication protocol and programming information. MODBUS communication protocol and programming to explain good MODBUS communication protocol and programming information. MODBUS communication protocol and programming to explai...


SimuLink Model High Speed UAV Turbojet

2015-04-15 10:20    By:ksydirz      View:157      Download:1

6 Degree of Freedom (6-DOF) dynamic model of High Speed UAV with Turbojet propulsion under SimuLink/Matlab Environment....

Simulink Matlab

Swing equation simuLink model

2015-04-16 06:26    By:shekharsharma91      View:85      Download:2

Swing equation  simuLink model for analysis of swing equation. Data entries can be edited for varying output swing curve. The relative position of the resultant magnetic field axis and rotor axis is fixed under normal conditions. Power angle or torque angle are the angle between the two...

simulink Matlab

Stamps Act spice netlist conversion as MNA equation

2015-03-04 20:18    By:sunnybaby      View:64      Download:0

Matlab code, spice netlist into MNA equation Can handle one level of child circuit...

spice Matlab

pic 24f example

2015-02-07 16:57    By:javibueno      View:50      Download:0

This  year  2014  match  with  the  184th  Birthday  of  the  invention  of  code  Morse.  The  code  Morse  it  be  much  Important  on  the  last  So  on  it  it&n...

Pic C

MODBUS communication C source code

16 hours ago    By:spwongks      View:340      Download:4

This is the C source code of MODBUS communication. ...

modbus C

PHP version of online shopping Mall

2015-04-17 23:05    By:smartleon      View:265      Download:12

PHP version of the Mall, merchandise management, shopping carts, billing functionality is already available, and fairly complete PHP shopping mall, it is a good reference. For PHP beginners great reference value....

Web Framework PHP

pic sd picture bmp

2015-03-21 14:42    By:sayhianouar      View:38      Download:0

This project uses Microchip's pic18f2550 and Nokia 3310 LCD to read and display images from BMP files on the SD/MMC cards. Although the display itself is monochrome, it still supports 24-bpp (bits per pixel), 8-bpp, 4-bpp, and 1-bpp (monochrome) Bitmap files (*.BMP) with size of 84x48 pixe...

Algorithm C

PHP employee management system

2015-04-16 03:43    By:艾二贤      View:377      Download:2

Usually we say the Association consists of the following three ways: A one-to-one Association: ONE_TO_ONE, including a HAS_ONE and BELONGS_TO One to many associations: ONE_TO_MANY, including the HAS_MANY and BELONGS_TO Many-to-many Association: MANY_TO_MANY Association must have a reference tabl...

Web Framework PHP

Jobs Portal PHP Project

2015-04-17 02:33    By:purna      View:86      Download:0

1.Jobseekers: Those Person Who apply there resume for JObs. 2.Employer: Those Person Who accept there application for Jobs. 3.Admin: This is the only one Person Who Control the All Site Content. Steps to Run Job Portal Install Any one of  These Server...

Web Framework PHP

pic18f4520 Step Motor Control

2015-03-15 22:20    By:Fuzuli      View:78      Download:0

 This is the step motor control circuit made with pic18f4520 8-Bit MCU. It includes pcb layout, schematics source codes....

Electronic C

pic external interrupt control

2015-03-23 14:04    By:ffbo      View:35      Download:0

This phone is used along the working face, and console adapters, along a section of newspaper Police, telephone conversations, atresia, and other functions. Model 1: switch knobs, they can stop FAS crusher, conveyor, the former Ministry of transport, Rear cargo planes, to lock the front or rear ca...

Assembly Language ASM

PHP . pxoxy5 server

2015-02-26 12:08    By:UBIX      View:110      Download:0

Source Code Version 0.5b2 - January 20th 2007Latest Version: 2002-2007 Abdullah ArifContact_____________________________________________________________________Email: and Bug Reports____...


PHP development framework

2014-12-04 16:11    By:my_ej2002      View:30      Download:0

CakePHP is to provide ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller and MVC and other well-known design patterns, rapid-development framework. Goal is to provide PHP developers to rapidly develop robust Web. Key features: Based on MVC architecture View support Ajax Bui...

Web Framework PHP

PHPMyAdmin v4.1.0 rc3

2014-11-20 12:49    By:swin      View:26      Download:0

PHPMyAdmin is a PHP-based architecture in a Web-Base manner on the Web host's MySQL database management tool. PHPMyAdmin can manage a whole MySQL Server (requires root), you can manage a single database. In order to achieve the latter, you will need a reasonable set MySQL user, he could only allow r...

DataBase PHP

PHP human resources system

10 hours ago    By:cherish      View:143      Download:0

ThinkPHP installation place human_res--data in the system of human resources management database configuration under the data folder of the database user password set up...

Windows HTML/CSS


2015-03-20 09:50    By:raviseta      View:70      Download:2

This is very simple project in PHP. It is mainly used for generating bill and make payment. Also you can Add some item and many more things for more detail.  Just download the code and enjoy....

bill generator PHP


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