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wifi signal strength detection

2015-10-10 22:56    By:sefour      View:163      Download:4

wifi signal strength detection under Linux, can be tested directly under Linux, such as running directly on the notebook, connected to the wifi signal, then you can test the program....

Linux programming C

Android wifi hotspot created with connection

2015-11-27 10:52    By:physco-pass      View:260      Download:5

Recent projects require the use of knowledge based on wifi hotspots to transfer files, write a small program, used to quickly create and connect hotspot....

Android Java

Delphi XE5 debugger to connect the phone via wifi

2015-11-15 23:22    By:unihz      View:142      Download:3

Delphi XE5 debugger to connect the phone via wifi, get the phone's current IP address, wifi relevant information, no USB cable to connect the phone...

Android Delphi

RALink wireless LAN driver RT5370 transplant and RT3070

2015-11-15 23:13    By:z251941074      View:76      Download:0

RALink wireless LAN driver RT5370 transplant and RT3070, notes, contains the driver source code, drive transplantation procedure, as well as transplant wpa_supplicant, you can set the gateway...

Embeded C


2015-09-29 14:21    By:kclark      View:67      Download:0

toolkit for test and connected wifi with wince50 and openetcf. command for signal level , accesspoint and connection...

Driver Development C#

Android wifi hot spot scanning

2015-11-12 04:23    By:nkyle      View:96      Download:2

The program features: towards ambient wifi hotspot scanner. System development environment: win7 32-bit +Eclipse 4.2+ADT 22+JDK 1.7. To import the project in Eclipse, you can generate APK,APK run compile and run the minimum system version: Android 2.3, you will be to compile the generated APK insta...

Android Java

wifi smart car

2015-10-16 08:09    By:sssxiahuyue      View:107      Download:5

STM32 controllers wifi module below, via the Android to the directive made by the single-chip, single-chip microcomputer controlled car after receiving back and forward, to achieve full control. Optimized brake function, (temporarily to substitute drift), Optimal speed adjustment, and wifi co...

Embeded C


2015-10-23 04:17    By:MQwang      View:64      Download:2

TI MSP430 operation CC3000mod provided by the official wifi module source code, including drivers and interface programs, development environment for IAR....

Communication C


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