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LPC922 TRW-24G

2014-12-06 05:06    By:Boris      View:9      Download:0

Test code for transmitter TRW-24G

Driver Development C

ButteRWorth (ButteRWorth) low-pass filters for noisy images smoothing

2015-11-28 02:15    By:njwhat      View:42      Download:0

ButteRWorth (ButteRWorth) low-pass filters for noisy images smoothing, program working out the correct results, I hope to help you....

Image Processing Matlab

ButteRWorth (ButteRWorth) high pass filters for noisy images smoothing

2015-11-28 02:18    By:njwhat      View:19      Download:0

Use ButteRWorth (ButteRWorth) high-pass filter on the image by the noise smoothing processing, the program can run the correct result, I hope all of you have helped....

Image Processing Matlab

DaRWin Streaming Server

2015-11-06 00:59    By:thinkperson      View:65      Download:1

Concurrency is not a huge amount, and the performance requirements are not very high streaming module, live555 is a very good choice, here I do a streaming media proxy server (currently only H264 video foRWard) Agent foRWarding foRWards to RTSP and RTP main foRWard (not to achieve the foRWard...

Windows C++

reeRWtwer fdhgf

2014-11-19 19:19    By:qwerty123      View:11      Download:0

arysdyhsd sdf dsfdfgdfg dfg dsfgdsfgdfhgf fg hfgh sd fds dfg sdfg h dsfgdfg rg tr rtrfd dfgfdg dfg dfgdfssgdfgdfsgdgdsfgdfgdfgdfgdsf dfg dfhhtghf t hthyh jtyj tyjdhdgfghydgf...

Java Development Java

not sad sadweqwdsferewqe qweqweRWesadf

2013-11-24 01:57    By:milpi      View:4      Download:0

rsdfdsfs ergteyhrth trrhyt yujtyjtyjtyu57765yh tryhythtyhtr rty67rtyrt htrhtrh rtretreter tre retertertertre  tretretretrey54ytgdt ertert543trdter...

Data C

opengl dRWaing house

2015-07-30 22:54    By:dream      View:137      Download:1

Drawing programs often allow one to enter polylines using a mouse and then to edit the polylines until they present the desired picture. In the following figure (Figure 2.53), (a) shows a house in the process of being drawn; the user has just clicked at the position shown, and a line has...

OpenGL C++

ButteRWorth Filters

2015-11-17 22:01    By:keyvan90      View:44      Download:1

This set of functions is simply four built-in Matlab functions, repackaged for ease of use (Signal Processing Toolbox is required). If you don't want to go through the rigmarole of designing and implementing a filter with normalized frequencies and so forth every time you filter a signal, this packa...

Matlab Matlab


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