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Pipelined FFT/IFFT 64 points processor

2015-03-26 03:01    By:xuanhoabk_2803      View:206      Download:4

64 -point radix-8 FFT.   Forward and inverse FFT.    Pipelined mode operation, each result is outputted in one clock cycle, the latent delay from input to output is equal to 163 clock cycles, simultaneous loading/downloading supported.   Input data, output data, and co...

verilog Verilog

FFT embed using S32

2015-03-12 21:38    By:studentup      View:91      Download:1

Embedded devices using the FFT algorithm. 2 base-based Curry- based. Data types, to replace float S32. Errors can be controlled. Error macro definitions. STM32F103 on series CPU, running at 72MHz, 256, requires less than 5ms. Algorithm and further optimize space in data...

Embeded C

tms320c5509a FFT program

2015-01-03 07:15    By:shixinyongheng      View:57      Download:1

According to the principle and formula of the FFT, write the TMS320c5509adsp FFT program: first, the continuous input of 2N real numbers as "bag" and, secondly, n point FFT is executed, and finally as a result of the synthesis of n-point output is "opened" the original DFFT conforms the 2N excitatio...

dsp C

FFT tutorial using matlab

2015-03-25 21:42    By:eng_mohammed      View:102      Download:1

This is a simple tutorial to understand FFT algorithm using matlab and this tutorial contain 1 Getting to Know the FFT 2 Review of Transforms 3 Understanding the DFT 4 Matlab and the FFT 5 Spectrum Analysis with the FFT and Matlab...

Matlab Matlab

Implementation FFT in WiMAX

2015-02-18 03:10    By:jgs      View:30      Download:1

It is Important to Implementation FFT and IFFT in WiMAX. Especially, it is very important to realization of FFT/IFFT operating high speed. I present the VHDL program which i have wrote....

free source Program VHDL

C implementation of FFT algorithm

2015-03-02 21:10    By:lv1994      View:154      Download:5

FFT algorithm c language, including FFT algorithms, presentation and implementation of c...

Algorithm Visual C++

Multi-FFT Detection of OFDM Signals in Time-Varying Channels

2015-01-24 02:44    By:sanlizi_ting      View:175      Download:1

Multi-FFT demodulation can be applied with either coherent or differentially coherent detection. Differentially coherent detection may have advantages on time-varying channels where coherent detection suffers from channel estimation errors. Differential encoding is best performed in the freque...

Communication Matlab

OQAM IFFT system

2015-03-29 21:29    By:shole      View:82      Download:0

In this m.file a fbmc/oqam system is implemented using FFT/iFFT pair.in this system rcoine filter with roll-off factor equal to one, is used as nyquist filter....

Matlab Matlab

FFT source code based on DIF using C

2015-03-03 07:18    By:sefour      View:45      Download:0

FFT based on sound-Yessentuki algorithm source code, written in c language can be directly compiled in VC6.0 and Linux environments using, simple to use, pay attention to input data set requires is 2 power for operation, or else an error occurs...

Linux programming C

FFT image matching algorithm

2015-03-28 07:16    By:lin113      View:58      Download:0

Image matching is to use the template on the image and match image pixel value differences between the search window to indicate the relevance of both, can match the size of the correlation between accuracy, using FFT algorithm for cross correlation matching of the two images, images that are rotat...

Image Processing Matlab

16/64 point FFT

2015-03-25 14:32    By:qiang      View:114      Download:2

This is a FFT library function by using VHDL code. It can switch the length of FFT between 16 point and 64 point. It contains the butterfly, twiddle factor, ROM, RAM and so on. And it can successfully run on Quartus 2 or other software....

vhdl VHDL

IFFT inverse Fourier transform algorithm for real series

2015-03-24 02:08    By: chjfyd      View:82      Download:0

Inverse discrete Fourier transform (IDFT) and its fast algorithms (IFFT) is usually defined on sequences of complex numbers in General and the derivation, In practice, most signals are real signal time-frequency analysis, that is real sequences. Is based on the c language based on bi...

Algorithm C

FFT programs, getting the sound FFT and displays

2015-02-26 07:57    By:soghao      View:60      Download:0

FFT programs, getting the sound FFT and displays, has good debugging, VC + + projects...


FFT source code and data

2015-03-25 12:12    By:icifan      View:38      Download:0

Heavyweight FFT Fast Fourier transform source code and data, carefully collect, if there are insufficient, please indicate. Heavyweight FFT Fast Fourier Transform source code and data, carefully collected, if insufficient, please indicate....

Algorithm C

Fourier transform algorithm for FFT

2015-03-23 20:42    By:JIAO      View:69      Download:0

How To Use void main(void) { gen_w_r2(w, N); // Generate coefficient table bit_rev(w, N>>1); // Bit−reverse coefficient table DSPF_sp_cFFTr2_dit(x, w, N); // radix−2 DIT forward FFT // input in normal order, output in // order bit−reversed // coefficient table in bit−reversed...

Algorithm C

FFT, including fix point code

2014-12-20 22:07    By:blueheart73      View:25      Download:1

FFT implement, easy to use, including fix point code. I also give an example to show you how to use this code wav developed in Linux OS, but it also can be planted on Window (no need change code, just create an dsp in VC)...

Audio C

8,051 FFT codes

2015-01-25 04:16    By:shuijian00      View:38      Download:0

FFT calculation based on 8,051 code revised FFT operations on arbitrary-length can be achieved. Can be used to estimate sampling signal's spectrum. The code has been tested....

Embeded C

FFT 1024 realization

2015-01-08 08:24    By:cxj870303      View:30      Download:1

FFT algorithm written in VHDL hardware description language, is a classic, and share, hoping to help. -VHDL hardware description language with the preparation of the FFT algorithm, it is a classic, and we share the hope that it can be helpful to everyone....

dsp VHDL


2015-03-05 04:07    By:harsha      View:27      Download:0

The program i am attaching here is used to calculate the FFT of an array.Here butterfly is first described which is basic off FFT logic.A package is included that consists of functions to convert from signed type to complex and vice versa.A FFT_engine is the main program for implementing the logic....

vhdl VHDL

Fast Fourier Transforms FFT

2015-03-25 12:10    By:sean1095      View:23      Download:0

FFT applet, please correct me! :) Is written in Java, you can run! -FFT small program, please correct me! :) Is used fortran prepared, you can run! Feels is feasible...

Java Development Java
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