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The a * algorithm for optimal routing algorithm

2015-10-27 16:09    By:一路向南      View:26      Download:0

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //A* algorithm for optimal routing algorithm //algorithm is a static network algorithm for solving the shortest path in the most effective //1) formula: f (n) = g (n) +h (n), //2) joined the optimal path correction...

Algorithm C++

the Capacitated Vehicle routing Problem

2015-11-28 22:02    By:gloriousbruce      View:181      Download:6

The CVRP is a hard combinatorial optimisation problem. The scenario is that a set of depots contains goods to be delivered to customers by a fleet of trucks. Each customer wants a certain integer amount of goods called their demand and each truck can only carry a certain amount called its capacit...

Algorithm Matlab

Java routing algorithms

2014-12-09 11:47    By:ecrgroups      View:16      Download:0

algorithms it is developed in Java and described in the build in functions as per the algorithm pesudocode defined. this descRiption can be utilized as per the modification of all code and necessaries of the user....

Algorithm Java

Message-Digest algorithm 5

2015-11-13 22:10    By:328539353      View:269      Download:1

MD5 The Message-Digest algorithm 5 (information-summary algorithm 5) are used to ensure information transfer complete and consistent. Is the computer one of the widely used hash algorithms (also translated the digest algorithm , and hash algorithms ), the mainstream programming languages generally h...

Algorithm C

Long ARiphmetic

2014-08-04 09:37    By:st.bad      View:7      Download:0

This is a project about long numbers and realization calculate with long numbers. This is a use algorithm with long aRiphmetical and calculate it. Also, if you want realization your project with long numbers and calculate with it, then use it library with long aRiphmetics. Okay....

Algorithm C#

The tRiple DES algorithm

2015-11-11 08:19    By:bravthic      View:27      Download:0

Providing tRiple-DES algorithm, including file encryption, decryption algorithm, the most explicit c code, you can directly use the code and implementation of data encryption and decryption...

Algorithm C

JSEG Image segmentation algorithm

2015-11-25 07:05    By:zouxiren2007      View:284      Download:2

JSEG algorithm for image segmentation, detailed procedures, need to establish their own works can be used. This algorithm is used in programs written in c and C++ language, the program mainly used in image processing. I hope to help people engaged in this area....

Algorithm C++

ROMBERG algorithm

2015-10-27 08:52    By:saeed      View:93      Download:0

*   *   To approximate I = integral ( ( f(x) dx ) ) from a to b:*   *   INPUT:   endpoints a, b; integer n.**   OUTPUT:  an array R. ( R(2,n) is the approximation to I. )**   R is computed by rows; only 2 rows saved in storage   ...

Algorithm C++


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