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2015-11-11 01:59    By:rtiger      View:173      Download:5

I have make PID coding position with STM32F103C8T6, it's run smoothly and exactly, i used the separate coding style, one file .c go with one file .h And then, I have made completely comment , so you can know code throughly Beside that, I have check and update several time the code....

KeilC C

PID control for DC motor

2015-11-19 01:27    By:hafa      View:214      Download:2

PID control for DC motor speed and rotation programing with CCS compiler (C code) and simulate with protus...

Algorithm C

Fuzzy-PID control

2 hours ago    By:bruce      View:198      Download:1

Fuzzy-PID control programs, developed fuzzy rules, PID control is more precise, in the classic PID control based on the fuzzy control is to control the speed...

Matlab Matlab

PID neural network decoupling control algorithm--control of multivariable system

2 hours ago    By:njwhat      View:55      Download:2

Multi-variable input, output, and much other, strongly coupled complex systems and nonlinear control is a very difficult problem, controllers for Multivariable coupling problems common to control systems. Is a multilayer feedforward neural network PID neural networks, its nerve cell number, connecti...

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB Double Indemnity PID control used in paper

2 hours ago    By:szy494468597      View:49      Download:0

Based on repetitive control, Double Indemnity and PID combination, achieve better location tracking for a simplification of the PMSM  simulation  object  model. duplicate PID compensation control comp red with traditional PID control, steady-state error smalle...

Matlab Matlab

Advanced PID control simulation of MATLAB source code

2 hours ago    By:flydekite      View:83      Download:1

Advanced PID control example source code in MATLAB simulation book 1 Simulation algorithms, all classified according to the regulations, disc one by one in the name of the program with book. 2 Copied to your hard disk, put the CD in the simulation program MATLAB running path...

Matlab Matlab

Self-tuning PID-type fuzzy control

2015-11-19 11:31    By:hamid      View:165      Download:2

In this simulation the successful results were obtained by applying self-tuning proportional-integral-derivative (PID)-type fuzzy controller if comparing with the fuzzy PD-type and the classical PID controller....

Matlab Matlab

Incremental algorithm for PID

2015-11-04 07:33    By:chenjianhong      View:84      Download:0

Incremental algorithm for PID, for motor speed control, or other object, the arithmetic is simple, portable on single-chip microcomputer, once used in Freescale motor speed and line-tracking algorithms....

Algorithm C

antiwindup PID controller

2015-11-18 04:13    By:bahremand      View:92      Download:1

this PID blok uses for overcome to settling time delay and overshoot This block demonstrates the use of an anti-windup PID controller.Kp, Ti and Td values must be defined in the MATLAB Workspace.The derivative filter can be changed as wished.The saturation values must be defined as well in its...

Matlab Matlab

Advanced PID control and its simulation of MATLAB (latest edition), that came with the original book source code, it is worth learning!

2015-11-13 17:08    By:zxjwwwh      View:4225      Download:3

Latest version: Advanced PID control and its simulation of MATLAB (Second Edition), the book example source  code included with, it is worth learning!...

Matlab Matlab


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