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optimization of PID tunning

there is an optimization of PID tunning using imc and iste algorithms....

PID control of VB program

PID algorithm is simple and practical procedure, has a graphical interface, simple and practical ~ Visual Basic is a 微软 Includes assisting the development of the company The development environment 的 Event-driven Programming language 。 By any standard, VB is a language with the greates...

PID control pdf

A proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID controller) is a generic control loop feedback mechanism (controller) widely used in industrial control systems. A PID controller calculates an "error" value as the difference between a measured process variable&nb...

PID controller

Today's automation technology is based on the concept of feedback. Elements of feedback theory consists of three parts: the measurement, comparison and implementation. Measured variables of interest, compared with expectations, with deviation correction control system response. PID controller built...

PID based ANN

PID based neural network in matlab7;The present control technique can save the time for searching the optimal PID gains in any sea states....


I have make PID coding position with STM32F103C8T6, it's run smoothly and exactly, i used the separate coding style, one file .c go with one file .h And then, I have made completely comment , so you can know code throughly Beside that, I have check and update several time the code....

PID control for DC motor

PID control for DC motor speed and rotation programing with CCS compiler (C code) and simulate with protus...

SPIDev driver example

This example show spi communication sample. But it can be very useful for programmer. I hope this sample will be helpful for programmer...

PID neural network decoupling control algorithm--control of multivariable system

Multi-variable input, output, and much other, strongly coupled complex systems and nonlinear control is a very difficult problem, controllers for Multivariable coupling problems common to control systems. Is a multilayer feedforward neural network PID neural networks, its nerve cell number, connecti...

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