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OFDM matlab Code

2015-11-14 14:41    By:Nindya      View:185      Download:1

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) merupakan teknik mudulasi untuk komunikasi wireless broadband dimasa yang akan datang karena tahan melawan frekuensi selective fading dan interferensi narrowband dan efisien menghadapi multi-path delay spread. Untuk mencapai hal tersebut, OFDM me...

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This is the MIMO-OFDM matlab code that very helpful to u.

2015-11-22 22:45    By:darshan      View:266      Download:6

This is the MIMO-OFDM matlab code that very helpful to u. It is very great code for next generation wireless communication system....

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2015-10-02 04:24    By:tylergaBtErJw==GuArD;--      View:38      Download:0

Nah I'm not sure a lot of programmers really hate their jobs, because heck we're fricking wizards... we can't even drop our resume out the window without 5 head hunters tackling each other to grab it before it hits the ground! If you hate your job, leave it and get another one. Be happy, somewhere!...

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MIMO OFDM BOOK source code

2015-11-22 16:43    By:dianzikeji      View:297      Download:10

MIMO and OFDM technology is B3G (LTE, and LTE-, 4G) the key physical layer technology, the book introduces the concepts and theories in the field, and simulation and verification through the matlab program. The book total points 13 chapter, respectively for: wireless channel: spread and declined, SI...

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simulation OFDM on matlab

2015-11-08 17:28    By:fhaydos      View:72      Download:1

simulation OFDM matlab orthogonal frequency Une description détaillée des OFDM simulation de codage, vous pouvez exécuter, télécharger la machine ne le regrette jamais!...

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OFDM complete program

2015-11-13 03:35    By:KingBill      View:97      Download:1

A relatively complete OFDM Simulation and design of communication systems, including coding, modulation, IFFT , Upper and lower frequency, Gaussian channel modeling FFT , PAPR Suppression, synchronization, demodulation and decoding mode Block coding and a master simulation system design of relia...

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PAPR Reduction and Performance Analysis of Alamouti MIMO-OFDM Systems Using Slantlet Based P-SLM Scheme

10 hours ago    By:go_ki      View:630      Download:6

Multiple input and multiple output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) is a high-flying technology for fourth generation mobile radio communication.  OFDM is a special case of multi-carrier-modulation (MCM) technique that divides the high data rate input bit streams into l...

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Method of reducing PAPR in OFDM SLM matlab source code

2015-10-07 05:24    By:kent518      View:36      Download:3

Method of reducing PAPR in OFDM SLM matlab source code...

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UFMC-OFDM transceiver chain

2015-11-22 15:11    By:kimsj      View:88      Download:4

% ======================================================================= % matlab Script 밬FMC_OFDM___TransceiverChain.m�Terms of Use % Version: 2014-03-21 % % This matlab script was created and is made available free of charge % by Alcatel-Lucent Deutschland AG, Lorenzstra� 10, 70435 Stu...

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