deguang-tickets-helPer C# codes

2014-12-17 03:12    By:Lin      View:30      Download:0

Norihiro train assistants in order to facilitate Internet users 12306.CN booking and development of auxiliary software quickly and easily. Recently we are has exPerience to kept login, refresh www.12306.CN of suffering, both effect has work, and is difficult to login in, to...

web C#

PIC32 Ethernet Example Code

2015-03-21 23:14    By:arfei0107      View:41      Download:1

first we initialize the MAC Then transmit and receive the packets first we transmit the burst after that we look at the packets we received Note that for this example we don't use a proPerly constructed Ethernet frame The standard Ethernet header: destination address, source address and frame t...

Embeded C

DC motor speed control using PIC16f886 with MicroC Ide

2015-03-06 22:23    By:aman      View:41      Download:0

It generates PWM at 5khz to control dc motor(low side switching). duty cycle varies based on switch position....

Embeded C

PIC 18f97j60

2015-03-12 06:04    By:inr      View:19      Download:1

How to write web page program in  c18 c compiler  with MPLAB v8.9 Ide. Our TCPIP rare file will support one web page....

Embeded C

TemPerature monitoring with GSM interfaced with PIC16f877a

2015-03-15 22:22    By:karthick      View:261      Download:1

Normally the condition change in refrigerators are not monitored by us,it depends on the particular items kept in fridge.This project is based on TemPerature monitoring in refrigerators. When the temPerature falls below -10 degree Celsius the temPerature sensor kept in the fridge alerts the PIC cont...

Embeded C

de2 practice source 2-2

2014-12-01 08:24    By:jamiechoo      View:15      Download:0

2 the first part of the exPeriment FPGA de2 development boards VHDL hardware language source code Part II You are to design a circuit that converts a four-bit binary number V = v3v2v1v0 into its two-digit decimal equivalent D = d1d0. Table 1 shows the required output values. A par...

Embeded VHDL

PIC16F877 Controllable Digital Clock Code

2015-03-16 06:35    By:chandan      View:163      Download:0

The above figure was taken after setting time to 07:58:54, timer0 is used as the base for digital clock generation. Timer0 is used here to generate 1msec interrupts. After every 1msec a global variable named msCounter increments. When msCounter reaches a value of 1000 then anothe...

Embeded C

AD7894 PIC16F87X control c language program (PICC)

2015-02-22 08:17    By:ssropp      View:43      Download:0

MPLAB PICC compiler, through three PIC16F876A microcontroller IO control DAC AD7894 and RB1 serial output transformed results by Proteus simulation, are completely correct....

Embeded C++

PIC thermometer not display neg. temp.

2014-12-22 04:44    By:donclub      View:15      Download:0

Using a PIC 16f628 for a clock/thermometer with DS1307 and works OK BUT...the thermometer  does not display negative temp. How can I change the codes to display negative temp ? The project was  compiled with CCS V 3.222 I do have the name of the site where you can...

Embeded C

hex for PIC18f

2014-12-16 16:38    By:Cyril      View:22      Download:0

OBJECTIVES: To create simple program using assembly language PIC 18 instruction set. To assemble, debug and execute program using MPLAB. Using MPLAB SIM to simulate program execution, to view register, WREG, status register, and memory content....

Embeded ASM

Programming GSM900 with PIC

2015-03-21 15:06    By:Gandalf      View:132      Download:1

Project to code the PIC18F25K22 microcontroller..This code sends a message from the GSM900 to any mobile number in the world    ...

Embeded C

LCD dipsplay,PIC 16f877a

2015-03-01 13:10    By:jayaraja      View:98      Download:0

RS RD6,  EN RD7, DATA PORTB assign the lcd port to this pin with PIC 16f877a directly i will run with this code, you can easily develop your one lcd interface control to see the various control parameter,,,,, ...

Embeded C

PIC18 official serial procedures

2015-04-09 10:39    By:yangrui8811      View:68      Download:0

This file contains the following sections: 1. Code Example description 2. Folder Contents 3. Suggested development Resources 4. Reconfiguring the project for a different PIC18F device 5. Revision History...

Embeded C

FlipPer, sliding gestures project

2015-02-26 14:13    By:hunter      View:22      Download:0

FlipPer, sliding gestures project, very good, very useful in the project, is very useful to me, and wanted to share that,  and I hope you get help, thank you...

Java Development Java

Simulation of CPM and PerT

2015-03-17 02:53    By:kirti      View:15      Download:0

These are the critical path method (CPM) and the project evaluation and review technique (PerT). PerT and  CPM are basically time anointed methods in the sense that they both lead to determination of a time schedule.  Both techniques are usually referred as “Project schedulin...

Java Development Java

Shirodemo authority management tools

2015-01-21 03:58    By:cykyo123      View:31      Download:0

Shirodemo simple use case of Shiro. Shiro is the right management tool. Permission management can be controlled in several ways, here is a simple use case of Shiro....

Java Development Java

Introduction to nodeJS program

2014-12-08 21:24    By:poem~      View:37      Download:0

Introduction to nodeJS simplest programs, teach you an example, a product of Baidu using nodeJS statistical graphs, learn to nodeJS...

Java Development JavaScript

Data Encryption Standard (deS) Key Schedule

2015-03-23 21:27    By:mjordan1      View:47      Download:0

This code provides an implementation of the key schedule in Data Encryption Standard (deS), which is the algorithm that generates the sub-keys. • Input:  any string (64-bits length). • Output: the 16 sub-keys produced by the deS (48-bits length each). How to use it: 1. >> K...

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms Matlab

delphi's Base64 encryption and decryption

2015-03-23 21:20    By:18005321790      View:41      Download:0

Indy components in the use of encryption string encryption support Chinese characters, not garbled. Has been tested on delphi2010, encrypted string can be guaranteed to be java through Base64 decryption....

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms Delphi

TComPort componente para delphi

2015-04-15 22:11    By:SANDRO      View:484      Download:0

Componente para comunicacao serial assincrono para delphi 7 - xe utilizando winapi, com thread, pego da pagina, e colocado aqui para obter pontos....

Delphi Development Delphi

TS demux to the ES stream and ES packages to PES and TS

2015-03-11 00:29    By:macken      View:53      Download:2

TS demux to the ES stream and ES packages to PES and TS Good understanding of TS, ES, PES...

video C++

PHP deS Implementation

2015-04-12 15:16    By:interac      View:26      Download:1

encrypt using single deS (with an 8 byte key) in CBC mode with the given input vector and PKCS7 padding des ("8bytekey", "This is the message.", 1, 1, "inputvec", 1); encrypt using triple deS (with a 24 byte key) in ECB mode des ("this is a 24 byte key !!", "This is the message.", 1); decrypt u...

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms PHP

3deS,MAC algorithm for encryption and decryption tests source code

2015-03-27 08:58    By:easydeng      View:225      Download:2

3deS,MAC algorithm for encryption and decryption tests source code, suitable for beginners. MAC algorithm (Message Authentication Codes) keyed Hash functions: the hash value of the message is known by only two key k to control....

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms C

PIC 24f example

2015-02-07 16:57    By:javibueno      View:50      Download:0

This  year  2014  match  with  the  184th  Birthday  of  the  invention  of  code  Morse.  The  code  Morse  it  be  much  Important  on  the  last  So  on  it  it&n...

Pic C

Stamps Act sPICe netlist conVersion as MNA equation

2015-03-04 20:18    By:sunnybaby      View:64      Download:0

Matlab code, sPICe netlist into MNA equation Can handle one level of child circuit...

spice Matlab

lm 35 in PIC

2015-02-07 17:03    By:bijanbijan      View:7      Download:0

in this project i use lm 35 to show temprture in PIC microcontroller i configure adc for converting analog to digital and show it on lcd you can use this project anywhere...

Embeded C

PIC18F4550+18B20 temPerature measurement program

2015-01-12 11:15    By:yueli220      View:139      Download:0

PIC18F4550+18B20 temPerature measuring program the program: 1, the use of DS18B20 digital temPerature sensors, temPerature measurement (RE1 port), 2 digits after the decimal point. 2, use the LCD1602 Generic LCD display: Temp=26.32 degrees 3, full debugging through....

Embeded C

pdf reader code in android

2015-03-14 03:49    By:hcjhahaha      View:57      Download:0

These codes were developed for android to open and read the pdf documents. These codes were developed for android to open and read the pdf documents. These codes were developed for android to open and read the pdf documents. These codes were developed for android to open and read...

Java Development Java


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