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Seagate HDD repair TOOLs STComTOOLs

2015-10-22 03:19    By:MYYDM      View:92      Download:1

Read and write software has already been able to SA, and sends data to the hard drive Central, together with instructions using your hard disk can be To the. For example: 9, 10 f-guide in addition to using the "f-Guide" button, can do 1, class f 2, enter the D60,2 command line carriage retur...

Disk Tools Delphi

Interface Connection between STK Software and Actidyn Simulator Using Matlab

2015-01-06 11:59    By:ksydirz      View:37      Download:0

Interface program to connect Actidyn Simulator (most accurate 3 axis rotating table) to the Simulation Software such as System TOOL Kit (STK) through Matlab Environment....

Communication Matlab

STK6037 source code

2015-09-21 02:42      View:32      Download:0

STK6037 source code, system initialization, including IO initialization, NIXIE tube dynamic scanning, PWM output, timer interrupts, serial connection 485, 250K for 485 communication baud rate. HC595 drivers, classic press scan key handler...

Embeded C


2015-11-10 09:22    By:mengzhen      View:63      Download:0

Psychophysics TOOLbox Version 3 (PTB-3) is a free set of Matlab and GNU/Octave functions for vision research. It makes it easy to synthesize and show accurately controlled visual and auditory stimuli and interact with the observer. It has at least fifteen thousand active users (see Overview), an ac...

Matlab Matlab


2015-06-02 17:12    By:tylshine      View:43      Download:0

SocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOL SocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOL SocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTOOLSocketTo...

WinSock C#


2015-08-31 05:29    By:if0000      View:69      Download:1

GuiTOOLkit MFC Extension GuiTOOLkit is a complete set of classes based on MFC, that allows you to build applications with nice and sophisticated interfaces such as Visual Studio .NET, Office 2003 etc. The primary target is to have a complete free library that can be used without restrictions and...


c# socket TOOL

2015-08-04 10:38    By:164huih      View:17      Download:0

c# socket TOOLc# socket TOOLc# socket TOOLc# socket TOOLc# socket TOOLc# socket TOOLc# socket TOOLc# socket TOOLc# socket TOOLc# socket TOOLc# socket TOOLc# socket TOOLc# socket TOOLc# socket TOOL...

Windows C#

GuiTOOL v1.09T (Fontmaker + MultiLanguage)

2015-11-07 22:35    By:wujianguo789      View:61      Download:0

Unicode raster fonts (MTK fonts) GuiTOOL v1.09T (Fontmaker+MultiLanguage) V1.08 (05/17/2012) (1) Increase of two versions (free trial version)    The free version is only effective 16 dot matrix.    The trial version for all lattice, but will be miss...

MTK Visual C++


2015-11-27 12:50    By:zongganhuo      View:46      Download:0

Benefited curve-fitting-TOOLbox-Datasheet mathematical modeling using curve-fitting-TOOLbox-Datasheetcurve-fitting-TOOLbox-Datasheet annex 2012 graduate mathematics modeling...

Matlab PDF


2015-04-19 10:27    By:mountain      View:18      Download:0

Human motion capture code for mocapTOOLboxs.  Scenes/Objects Rocognition TOOLbox v1.4  ---------------------------------------  This TOOLbox provides some basic TOOLs for human motion capture. Based on supervised classification, this TOOLbox offerts some state-of-art d...

Matlab Matlab


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