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Handwritten numeral recognition based on SVM code

2014-12-16 02:35    By:1204415958      View:96      Download:7

In this file, StdPictureAndGenerateSVM function is used to create SVM classifilier ,  while SVMNumIdentify function is used to recognize ....

Matlab Matlab

SVM code rainfall forecast

2014-12-13 02:45    By:happyouyangqi      View:21      Download:2

With three months to forecast rainfall in the three months, to implement rolling forecasts and five-year rainfall was tested and found higher accuracy, and can be used to predict the unknown year rainfall...

Matlab Matlab

Writing on SD memory with fat32 format with ATXMEGA uc, on codevision

1 hours ago    By:aydin1719      View:1266      Download:0

Hello everyone, This program is designed for atxmega128a4 microcontroller in order to write on a SD memory via fat32 format in codevision IDE. It uses SPI protocol on port D to talk to memory. Also note that in order to use "ff.h" library, you must first go to "Configure Project->C compiler...

Codevision C

LIBSVM algorithm reads the code and database program

10 hours ago    By:sgnan      View:47      Download:0

LibSVM source code, can be used for water quality analysis and prediction of wind speed, equipped to read the database program, applications and algorithms exist....

Algorithm C

LibSVM Kit code

2014-12-18 05:31    By:Krystal_822      View:44      Download:0

Taiwan Professor Lin Zhiren libSVM support vector machine algorithm source code is generic research platform. Taiwan prepared by Professor Lin Zhiren SVM Toolbox, relatively easy to use, is one of many classic SVM Toolbox, cited by many scholars at home and abroad....

Java Development Java

SVM-lib code package

2014-12-12 17:47    By:baibaierhao      View:32      Download:1

This is a MATLAB code for SVM-lib package has been compiled in 32-bit operating system, I hope can help you....

Matlab Matlab

LS-SVM, prediction of time series

2014-12-18 08:34    By:dlutcz      View:66      Download:3

On time series forecasting using lsSVM, code debugging, part a of the annex data, other data, depending on their situation. code is divided into several modules, including reading data, model initialization, data normalization, cross-validation, model training, prediction and data normalization, equ...

Matlab Matlab

libSVM 3.18 matlab

2014-12-16 16:13    By:ma0526      View:83      Download:2

LibSVM is a simple, easy-to-use, and efficient software for SVMclassification and regression. It solves C-SVM classification, nu-SVMclassification, one-class-SVM, epsilon-SVM regression, and nu-SVMregression. It also provides an automatic model selection tool forC-SVM classification. It is the...

Matlab Matlab

Used in the classification of classic libSVM algorithm

2014-12-16 08:38    By:duxuan      View:93      Download:0

LIBSVM is Lin (LinChih - Jen), associate professor, national Taiwan university, such as the design development of a simple and easy to use and fast and efficient SVM pattern recognition and regression of the software package...

分类 Matlab

Image segmentation based on SVM-true color image segmentation

2014-12-18 04:18    By:njwhat      View:37      Download:1

Image segmentation is an important part of image processing and image analysis is the first step. The purpose of segmentation is to extract the target of interest from an image. Many scholars at home and abroad have been proposed to solve this problem a variety of image segmentation methods, but the...

Matlab Matlab

LIBSVM-FarutoUltimate Toolkit and GUI version introduces and uses

2014-12-17 22:53    By:njwhat      View:120      Download:0

Using libSVM Toolbox for classification and regression, SVM learning in course of the underlying statistical learning theory, then their perfect lifting MATLAB version of libSVM, Mr Lin Zhiren libSVM-mat based on their own has prepared auxiliary functions (parameter optimization or something), then...

Matlab Matlab

Initial classification with SVM regression

2014-12-16 05:18    By:njwhat      View:30      Download:0

SVM (support vector machine) are (many) classifications are often used in ways, more simple, but specifically for engineers to obtain detailed and complicated. From the applied point of view, using LibSVM library solving SVM model for classification and regression problems....

Matlab Matlab


10 hours ago    By:heyan911      View:36      Download:0

SVM-KMExample contains many SVM implemented on matlab, enrich example, contains data!...

Matlab Matlab

libSVM for python

2014-12-16 09:09    By:ma0526      View:19      Download:0

The current release (Version 3.18, April 2014) of LIBSVM  from http://www.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~cjlin/libSVM/index.html#download...

File Matlab

Multiple-instance learning algorithm based on semi-supervised SVM

2014-12-14 21:55    By:shory      View:50      Download:0

MissSVM is a package for solving multi-instance learning problems using semi-supervised support vector machines. The purpose of MissSVM is to show that if the assumption of i.i.d. instances were taken, multi-instance learning can be viewed as a special case of semi-supervised learning, and the field...

Algorithm C++

Use codebook algorithm for moving object detection

2014-12-17 11:57    By:勤劳的码农      View:183      Download:2

This code is based on the codebook algorithm of the  paper"Real-time foreground–background segmentation using codebook mode", implemented on C++ platform, use opencv 2.3.1 version, realized the moving object detection. codeBook algorithm of the time series model of the basic idea is...

Graph C++

gg.729 TI code

2014-12-18 16:23    By:Ayesha      View:42      Download:0

g.729a TI encoder and decoder code with good implementation. This code is tested many times on DSP kit and sotware defined radios....

Voice C

QRcode two-dimensional code generator source

11 hours ago    By:green75      View:210      Download:1

Brief introduction        This is a simple example, to produce a specific text from the use of libqrencode library QRcode BMP files. There are many online reference library but there is no simple example. In this project, there are also problems arise when an alternative is...

print C++

Leetcode the reference source code (C++)

2014-12-15 00:18    By:issaczr      View:71      Download:0

Leetcode topics in C++ implementation, contains all of the 152 questions that need brushes algorithm problems, and prepare written interviews are still useful, especially foreign companies. Brush problem Web site OJ.leetcode.com...

Algorithm C++
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