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Implementation of Shell commands

Use the file, you can easily implement a Linux Shell command such as CP, CD, ls, mkdir, etc commands, and you on CP, ls and other commands work better, easier to write your own commands...

Shelllab source code

A Shell script that can manage processes, you can create, delete, process, maintain a process running in the foreground, as well as more background processes running, breaking through the command line is a background process to the foreground, and the current process hangs at the front desk; CTRL-c...

Access to the system hardware information Shell script

To get hardware information: includes CPU business, machine model, CPU type and the specific number of cores, and total memory size, operating system version, and so on....

Blue collection of Internet making NSIS script examples

Internet is very classic in blue, know a script people should know about her....

Command end login script

In general, we may need to log in every day with a URL. But every time we do not want to repeat in the browser doing repetitive things, then we can write a script to customize our network parameters. This is what the script can do....

Script input file into trafic generation through DITG

It's for simulation in network if you need to generate trafic in the network you just write a simple input file with the type of trafic you want to emule then the script will translate it  into a proper command and generate the trafic on network....

PHP & MySQL login script

A simple PHP & MySQL login script to protect your web page content from spam and bot registrations so that only registered users can view the content of your site......

Shell Linux Sokoban game script

Shell Linux Russia block game script , used to run in Linux bash parser after playing Sokoban game, the interface is  very simple, commented rich, more than 500 rows...

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