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Swing equation Simulink Model

4 hours ago    By:shekharsharma91      View:59      Download:0

Swing equation  Simulink Model for analysis of swing equation. Data entries can be edited for varying output swing curve. The relative position of the resultant magnetic field axis and rotor axis is fixed under normal conditions. Power angle or torque angle are the angle between the two...

simulink Matlab

Simulink Model High Speed UAV Turbojet

2 hours ago    By:ksydirz      View:107      Download:0

6 Degree of Freedom (6-DOF) dynamic Model of High Speed UAV with Turbojet propulsion under Simulink/Matlab Environment....

Simulink Matlab

Modeling of induction motor using dq0 Transformations

2 hours ago    By:mian      View:9      Download:0

Transformation to stationary reference frame using Simulink.... Thus, we need to evaluate dynamics of converter-fed variable-speed drives to assess the adequacy of the converter switches and the converters for a given motor and their interaction  to ...

Matlab Matlab

dESIGINING OF induction motor

11 hours ago    By:deep      View:28      Download:0

This Code is used to design induction motor .The parameters are used to  predict the design the of induction motor...

Windows Matlab


3 hours ago    By:courageheart      View:199      Download:4

Annex to the Verilog code of Samsung's K9 Flash controllers, already compile OK on FPGA Development Board and the validation passes, ModelSim and verification environment for quartusii the joint platform. Datasheet on the K9 series Flash, users can go to the site and look for yourself. The Flash siz...

verilog Verilog

Simulink simulation of motor control

3 hours ago    By:power571      View:26      Download:1

Simulink Model, asynchronous motor, Chan Shi, power electronic and movement control, power electronic transform device to Crystal gate tube mainly of can controlled devices has gradually was power switch devices by replaced, transform technology also so by phase control change into pulse wide modula...

Matlab Matlab

robust control of induction motor

2014-10-30 07:24    By:mamine      View:15      Download:0

Two different approaches for robust controller synthesis are introduced - H-infinity loopshaping and mixed sensitivity H-infinity synthesis....

Matlab Matlab

Boeing 747 flight simulation Model for six degree of freedom space-Simulink procedures. rar

3 hours ago    By:tssy32      View:850      Download:0

The Boeing 747 space simulation Model-Simulink procedure. rar Boeing 747 space simulation Model-Simulink procedure. rar Boeing 747 space simulation Model-Simulink procedure. rar...

Algorithm Matlab


2 hours ago    By:lilia      View:71      Download:0

this program describes the control of an inverted pendulum using PID controller in Simulink matlab. ...

Matlab Matlab


2014-11-19 12:10    By:lilia      View:57      Download:0

This program describes the control of PUMA robot using fuzzy logic controller in Simulink matlab. ...

Matlab Matlab

Graphcontrol example

2014-11-19 06:16    By:gavin_2008      View:29      Download:0

Graphcontrol_exm, you can find the best graph control example,remember me!...

Windows C#

MFC Listcontrol's Explorer

2014-11-18 21:46    By:mrmagic      View:41      Download:0

Made of the Listcontrol control MFC Windows Explorer-like interface, the function that returns a parent folder and files in a folder can be sorted in the list displayed, can be based on name, size, date created sort. With complete project can be compiled and run....


Variable frequency control using field oriented control for induction motor

2014-11-19 04:59    By:mian      View:35      Download:0

Variable frequency control using field oriented control for induction motor.............Starting from the three physical stator and rotor windings, several state space dynamical Models for the induction motor are introduced in this chapter. Each Model clarifies specific dynamical properties. Their...

Matlab Matlab

induction motor

7 hours ago    By:amity2014      View:10      Download:0

induction motor VARIABLE SPEED control WITH MATLAB COADING PRESENTED HERE. Several field-oriented induction motor drive methods without rotational transducers have been proposed. These methods have a disadvantage that the rotor resistance variation causes an estimation error of the...

Windows Matlab

Simulink simulation examples

3 hours ago    By:snow      View:20      Download:0

Mainly in the following two examples show how to use simlink controller design and simulation. 1:DC motormotor physics Parameter to R=2W,L=0.5H,Km=Kb=0.1,Kf=0.2NmS,J=0.02Kgm2s-2, during the construction  of the [Va,Td] for the chosen state-space Models. Includes fe...

Matlab Matlab
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