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rotating display with microcontroller

The program was implemeted to light 8 leds for a rotating display with microcontroller atmel 328p. It's a aproach of a rotating PCB, that have a 8 leds and the light it's on when the miccocontroller transmite bits to a shift register.The PCB was rotated by a motor connected to a signal source...

microcontroller program

Single-chip 89C52, Guo Tianxiang hl8051 Development Board General, basic general from 2013 experimental Board before, procedures streamlined, efficient, concise comments clear   suitable for beginners to learn, ACE can help to improve the key part ... Thank you...

Using LabVIEW and the mbed microcontroller for Rapid Prototyping

Using LabVIEW and the mbed microcontroller for Rapid Prototyping LabVIEW and Hardware • Introduction to microcontrollers and mbed • Examples 􀂃 Data Acquisition Example 􀂃 Remote Control Example 􀂃 Closed Loop Example • LabVIEWEmbedded for ARM microcontrollers mbe...

microcontroller based calculator

its a microcontroller based calculator its fully working use 1k or 10k pot for lcd contrast on contr pin instead of using 1k resistor its on running code ...

microcontroller input method, c source code

IME source code written in pure c language, mainly used in monolithic, there is need to download! Instructions for use: Pinyin Yao polling function: unsigned char code * py_ime (unsigned char input_py_val[]); Input_py_val pointer to the phonetic code string as input, and Return value...

microcontroller C & assembler routines

SCM routines, there are C and assembly language versions, including a demonstration led lights, key operation, the buzzer relay decoder, etc., suitable for beginners to learn to use, and with a wiring diagram....

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