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Using LabVIEW and the mbed microcontroller for Rapid Prototyping

2015-09-19 01:33    By:thotho      View:183      Download:0

Using LabVIEW and the mbed microcontroller for Rapid Prototyping LabVIEW and Hardware • Introduction to microcontrollers and mbed • Examples 􀂃 Data Acquisition Example 􀂃 Remote Control Example 􀂃 Closed Loop Example • LabVIEWEmbedded for ARM microcontrollers mbe...

Arm LabView

rotating display with microcontroller

2015-02-13 01:43    By:maryws91      View:14      Download:0

The program was implemeted to light 8 leds for a rotating display with microcontroller atmel 328p. It's a aproach of a rotating PCB, that have a 8 leds and the light it's on when the miccocontroller transmite bits to a shift register.The PCB was rotated by a motor connected to a signal source...

Embeded C

GSM Based Automatic Meter Reading and Billing System of AT89S52 microcontroller programme

2015-10-10 21:16    By:khan      View:231      Download:0

 GSM Based Automatic Meter Reading and Billing System ..its my project. bt unfortunately i could not ready to  AT89S52  microcontroller plz can i get at89s52 microcontrollr programe data....plz help me...

DataBase C++

DTMF based on off control of a device using 8051 microcontroller

2015-10-07 15:06    By:rajamoorthy      View:53      Download:1

In this competitive world human cannot spare his time to perform his daily activities manually without any fail. The most important thing he forgets to switch off lights wherever not required. With this, even the power will be wasted up to some extent. This project gives the best solution for e...

Embeded C

RISC microcontroller

2015-07-29 03:46    By:gnoble29      View:17      Download:0

RISCMCU is based on the features and instruction set of Atmel AVR AT90S1200 RISC microcontroller. The aim of the project is to design the complete Atmel AVR AT90S1200. The microcontroller must be able to fit into the targeted FPGA device, which is Altera EPF10K20, provided in Altera UP1 Edu...

verilog Verilog


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