this program describes the CONTROL of an inverted pendulum USING PID CONTROLler in Simulink matlab. ...

PSO solution of PID CONTROLler

This code is the use of standard Particle Swarm Optimization for PID CONTROLler parameters optimization, this procedure USING MATLAB Simulink and MATLAB programming to solve, and got a very good result, the optimal solution of the initial value of each particle as a PID CONTROLler, and iteration, op...

two-wheels balancing robot CONTROLler USING LQR method

LQR CONTROL method to achieve the balancing robot balancing effect analysis of Q-value to determine   best contribute to the k-value. Requires three angle CONTROL for balancing robot, robot body angle, wheel forward, horizontally transmitted and CONTROL end through the three corners to achieve...


Today's automation technology is based on the concept of feedback. Elements of feedback theory consists of three parts: the measurement, comparison and implementation. Measured variables of interest, compared with expectations, with deviation correction CONTROL system response. PID CONTROLler built...

Optimum Design of PID CONTROLler in AVR System USING Particle Swarm Optimization

In this project you can find optimal coefficient for PID-CONTROLler AVR system by USING particle swarm optimization algorithm...

Optimal PID CONTROLler with fuzzy logic with minimize error

This simulation have the best setting for implementation and CONTROL the PID based on fuzzy logic and, in the other hand,  we could to have the free setting for value of PID....


neural network is the kind of general method which has the similarity of the way of the thinking of the human brain.Neural network CONTROL is a important field and was developed to aim the hard CONTROL problem ,such as nonlinearity,uncertainty.USING the neural network method can provide a high perfo...

PID neural network decoupling CONTROL algorithm--CONTROL of multivariable system

Multi-variable input, output, and much other, strongly coupled complex systems and nonlinear CONTROL is a very difficult problem, CONTROLlers for Multivariable coupling problems common to CONTROL systems. Is a multilayer feedforward neural network PID neural networks, its nerve cell number, connecti...

antiwindup PID CONTROLler

this PID blok uses for overcome to settling time delay and overshoot This block demonstrates the use of an anti-windup PID CONTROLler.Kp, Ti and Td values must be defined in the MATLAB Workspace.The derivative filter can be changed as wished.The saturation values must be defined as well in its...

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