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UDP/RTP sent in real-time PCR intervals TS stream sample

2015-03-11 06:58    By:shangxiuyong      View:53      Download:0

Real-time send the TS stream, select UDP or RTP, flow PCR within time intervals when it is sent in order to ensure the smooth rate, real-time send the TS stream...

Multimedia Visual C++

DirecTShow Development Guide, pdf books and source code

2015-03-24 08:47    By:waangyan      View:155      Download:0

Lu Qiming, DirecTShow development guide. Including PDF books as well as the original attached source code. A certain foundation in personal opinion, this book is suitable for readers reference....

DirectShow C++

media player

2015-03-21 07:55    By:b6l7emma      View:62      Download:0

Sourse code for making a media player (windows). Use MFC to make the UI. If you want to make a media player basically,so look at this file . I hope I can help you. ...

media player C

Strong RTSP player

2015-03-23 20:35    By:gagmeng      View:112      Download:3

The project Strong_RTSP_player is mainly a RTSP player which implemented with QT+libvlc All we known, VLC media player is a greate open source multimedia player which support almost all video types. And libvlc is the core library of VLC, you can rewrite your own player by libvlc, it's very sim...

video C++

DirecTShow source code

2015-03-17 09:30    By:ljandlove      View:82      Download:0

DirecTShow source code, including the camera, players, filters, online video and other source code,  there are people in need can be downloaded...

Windows C++

RTSP video transmission

2015-03-23 03:41    By:daren      View:127      Download:4

Leveraging Real Time streaming Protocol Protocol for video streaming transmission, using ffmpe video decoding decoder g, code debugging, please feel free to use....

Multimedia C++

RTSP server and client test source code

2015-03-28 07:33    By:DMLee      View:568      Download:25

A complete streaming media server and test client based on RTSP protocol, compile and run under VC2008 environment; it is very good source of information for beginners to learn streaming technology is good source of information (Note: The source code was modified from material downloaded from others...

Windows C++


2015-03-26 14:17    By:tiandihui      View:49      Download:0

Ckplayer is based on Flash development, and integrates the functions of HTML5 video, compatible format is rich but it also has iTS limiTS. One: Flash supporTS H.264 format only. So for the traditional video formaTS are not supported, such as (WMV,AVI,rmvb). II: live HTML5 support, but do...

Web Framework JavaScript

TS demultiplexer VC source code

2014-11-25 10:45    By:adushini@sina.com      View:16      Download:1

TS data demultiplexing received ES stream data for real-time decoding decoding library, implemented with a VC, CD ISO/IEC process for learning, and is helpful for simple TS stream decoding...

Multimedia Visual C++

Simple RTSP player

2015-03-23 08:14    By:xongbaming      View:137      Download:1

A simple RTSP, there are two Dll, one is a network set up, the other is a play set up, as well as with operating instructions...

video C++

Very easy to use BooTStrap template

2015-03-24 23:34    By:dxtk0812      View:21      Download:0

BOOTSTRAP very easy to use templates, open source projecTS, many controls powerful, built-in table to support the search within a page, press the column sorting and other functions....

Web Framework JavaScript

StruTS+Hibernate+Spring Source: BBS system

2015-03-12 08:44    By:robinchz      View:84      Download:0

StruTS+Hibernate+Spring Source: BBS systemThis information contains the following annexes:992]StruTS+Hibernate+Spring Source: BBS systems. rar...

Java Development Java


2014-11-23 00:16    By:michaeljohnson789      View:15      Download:0

This app demonstrates how to retrieve, purchase, download, and restore In-App Purchase producTS using SKRequestDelegate, SKProducTSRequestDelegate, SKProducTSResponse, and SKPaymentTransactionObserver's paymentQueue:updatedTransactions: and paymentQueue: updatedDownloads:. It displays available prod...

iOS Objective-C


2015-02-26 04:34    By:shomeru      View:23      Download:0

neTStat (network statistics) ,is a command line tool that display network connections.This program is a example made in borland c++ builder using winsock....

WinSock Borland C++ Builder

booTStrap example source code

2015-03-14 02:29    By:jcnet      View:45      Download:0

This resource is a booTStrap sample, you download directly for secondary development...

Web Framework JavaScript

TSA tendency test Algorithm

2014-11-28 13:06    By:senlinjingli      View:18      Download:0

Through the program, you can perform trend analysis of time series data, TSA catastrophe trend analysis programs can be widely used in dynamics and hydrological time series data for testing....

Algorithm Matlab

Atmel - ATSAM4E - TheBeast Board - Firmware

2015-03-03 21:47    By:poolborges      View:3161      Download:0

Thebeast Board, based on Atmel ATSAM4E MCU This zip file has is a  to test TheBeast Board(ATSAM4E Based), - Source code implementation for TCP/IP protocol: UDP, DHCP, NTP, Audio - Boad Design FIles, KiCad Files, Schematic Original Souce Files: FREE, OPEN SOURCE http:/...

Embeded C

StruTS+spring+ibatis Demo

2015-03-23 05:19    By:mike8785      View:40      Download:0

Demo of StruTS+spring+ibatis, suitable for the Web item class reference...

web Java

Ant colony optimization for TSP

2015-02-24 04:54    By:rudrani      View:102      Download:0

It has been borrowed from a website .In this article, we study a possibility of solving the well-known Travelling Salesman  Problem (TSP), which ranges among NP-hard problems, and offer a implementation of theoretical overview of some methods used for solving this problem. The Ant Co...

Algorithm Java

Ant Colony Optimization(ACO) for Travelling salesman problem (TSP)

2015-03-12 10:24    By:robobo      View:140      Download:2

This code uses ACO method to solve TSP. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support....

Algorithm Matlab
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