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MultiThread Client/Server

2015-03-01 00:27    By:hcc      View:61      Download:0

Client/Server 執 mind marvelously more workers within a program, fully furnished accommodation brief description easy to order and implement file 傳 document, and MultiThread Client/Server Sample code, implement simple command parse and file transfer...


Based on the UDP socket Client Server programming

2015-01-29 02:39    By:lcdcf      View:65      Download:0

基于 UDP 的 socket 编程 —— Client / Server-side interaction programs 一、基于 UDP 的 socket Network programming flow chart 二、 C/S (客户端 / Server-side) simply interactive PC implementation steps 2.1 客户端( Client ) Program execution...

WinSock C

modbus TCPIP protocol Client-Server-side source code

2015-03-27 17:53    By:niedragon      View:328      Download:6

This is the modbus TCPIP protocol Client-Server-side source code, c ++ programming. Welcome to  download and try....

Embeded C++

UDP sever Client

2015-03-11 13:07    By:bujji      View:62      Download:0

This is simple UDP Client and Server program to list all the files in Server to Client and to receive continues from  Client ...

Socket C

Client Server GUI

2014-11-19 06:23    By:belimbingmuda      View:11      Download:0

Untuk broadcast file dengan waktu yang bisa ditentukan (schedule) *tugas matkul mobile programming milik Endri...

chat Java


2015-01-06 06:48    By:acdsccg      View:84      Download:0

With VC++MFC achieved of Visual of Chat tools, main with has UDP agreement and TCP agreement, is divided into Client and Server, through test, can in LAN in for communications, is cannot across network, hope to you useful..................................................................................

chat Visual C++

ChatRoom Chat program

2015-03-10 13:53    By:flyheart      View:92      Download:1

An MFC-based Chat program, simultaneous two-way communication; an MFC-based Chat program, simultaneous two-way communication;...

chat Visual C++

UDP/NDP transport

2015-03-17 10:27    By:aaron11620      View:61      Download:0

transportation through the proxy, connect to remote  Computing , get  back Computing information Ex.  Remote time synchronization...

udp C

RSA code for SQL Server

2015-03-11 07:27    By:tylergage      View:41      Download:0

RSA is a cryptosystem, which is known as one of the first practicable public-key cryptosystems and is widely used for secure data transmission. In such a cryptosystem, the encryption key is public and differs from the decryption key which is kept secret. In RS...

SQL Server C++


2015-02-02 22:21    By:dang0601      View:61      Download:1

Android use socket to send data to PC,PC-end socket receives and displays. File list: Socket_Server\.classpath   .............\.project   .............\.settings\org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs   .............\bin\TCPDesktopServer.class   .........


A simple TCP and UDP Server and Client programs

2015-03-17 02:01    By:zdxzdx      View:64      Download:0

  This is a simple Server and Client under Linux communication program that sends packets to the Server to the Client, the Server in response to Client, receiving data. This is good for beginners to be able to understand the basic usage of UDP and TCP, as well as how to communication theory....

Linux programming C

Client Server

2014-12-08 09:48    By:bimal      View:5      Download:0

this is a testified Client Server program with different format. it is a Client Server model in which it also has error logging system with date and time. it also has a unique system of transferring data from Client to Server automatic after each 30 secs....

Windows C#

C # to write a UDP-based Chat program

2015-03-25 05:05    By:arica66      View:33      Download:0

Written in c #, UDP-based communication, a simple Chat ~ ~ ~ hand-written and tested by, the Server-side and Client-side one to many communication, custom packet format. Added a lot of comments in the code for us to understand....

Socket C#

Chat program using UDP

2015-03-20 08:27    By:deepthi      View:20      Download:0

This is a Chat program using UDP. It is done using Java socket programming. The Client and Server connected over a network can perform Chat using this program. UDP is a connectionless protocol. It sends data as datagram packets. The class that supports UDP socket is DatagramSocket which is in th...

Socket Java

Synchronous communication code (Point to point point to more synchronous asynchronous UDP TCP

2015-01-27 20:11    By:siquan      View:204      Download:0

C# codeusing System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Linq;using System.Text;using System.Net;using System.Net.Sockets;namespace UDPClient{    class Program    {        static void Main(string[] args)    ...

Linux programming C

UDP datagram transmission simulation network information

2015-03-14 23:46    By:机智的猴子      View:89      Download:0

Use NS2 to simulate network communication, the Client files fame clien.Tcl Server file named Server.Tcl, this code is using UDP protocol, a connectionless transport, you must first start the Server, and then start the Client...


LinuxC non-forwarding LAN communication (both TCP and UDP)

2015-01-31 01:04    By:gcc$^-o^@      View:97      Download:0

Registration, login, file processing, doubly linked list operations, landing is sent from the Server the logged on user, customer information is refreshed every 5 seconds, using UDP communication between Client and TCP communication between Server and Client....

Linux programming C
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