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spi flash model written by verilog

2014-12-20 12:25    By:futurehome      View:178      Download:3

M25Pxx ST company spi flash memory Verilog simulation model, the model correctly describes the behavior of spi flash memory, including reading, writing and erase operations, can be used to hang outside of the SOC with spi interface, verify that the spi interface....

verilog Verilog

USB CDC avec stm32F4 (coocox)

2014-12-20 23:10    By:imennaguez      View:152      Download:0

This compressed file contains a project in CoIDE drom coocox to make communication between stm32F4DISCOVERY and the PC via HyperTerminal. when you try to connect your discovery by Bus OTG, you can have an error "unknown Device" so you deactive WIFI or BLUETOOTH....

Embeded C++

stm32 spi flash

2014-12-16 21:39    By:lanpiaoxian      View:47      Download:0

Using the external flash chips: SST25VF064///function name: void ExternflashGPIOInit () Function description: SST25VF064 pin configuration...

Arm C

stm32-based voice storage and playback

7 hours ago    By:lihanxuan93      View:284      Download:2

This source code use the internal AD sampling and DA in stm32 to store and playback voices. The sampling rate is 8kHz, can use timer 2 ccs pin to test. Data from AD sampling store into the SRAM directly and playback using DA....


flash checkers

3 hours ago    By:jiao0818      View:59      Download:1

flash developed stand-alone Checkers game, realize eat chess moves, the computer automatically moves to eat move function. Welcome to download and trial. Thank you all for your support....

Flash ActionScript

stm32 processor> example code

2014-12-19 10:15    By:hailong710      View:2015      Download:3

<embedded real-time operating system μC/OS-Ⅱ classical examples- based on stm32 processor> example code, is the source code of the examples in this book, it is very helpful for μ-C/OS-II and the stm32 beginners, also can be used as reference to project development....


Example code for stm32 Discovery Board F3

7 hours ago    By:STMNinja      View:8984      Download:1

This code provides just a few examples of using some of the features of the stm32. It includes code for servo's, general PWM, Analog input and basic I/O. The code is fully functional with the stm32 Discovery Board F3 and allows for an easy introduction to the stm32 Processor used on the Discovery bo...


Stamps Act spice netlist conversion as MNA equation

11 hours ago    By:sunnybaby      View:61      Download:0

Matlab code, spice netlist into MNA equation Can handle one level of child circuit...

spice Matlab

loading bar flash codes

2014-12-15 11:04    By:ziweijinxing      View:32      Download:0

four pretty loading bar(fla format)...

flash ActionScript

3D Carousel flash Source codes

2014-12-05 14:46    By:ziweijinxing      View:58      Download:0

3D Carousel with external xml and dynamic loaded images...

flash ActionScript

stm32 use spi communications write flash,

2014-12-17 00:49    By:zhao20zhou      View:90      Download:0

If the LDE1 and LDE3 on the spiflash write normal If you are connected to the serial line, available through serial debugging assistant check  read/write information...

Embeded C


2014-12-20 08:22    By:fishermanljh      View:56      Download:0

The main achievement of various stm32 MCU peripheral functions namely, the basic configuration, including the stm32 USART communications and TIMER timer, NVIC interrupt priority, and PWM wave input *, the output capture, as well as I2C data communications....

单片机 C++

stm32 library function firmware library

2014-12-19 12:08    By:gaozhong43      View:210      Download:0

stm32 peripheral library, also known as previous versions or simply, firmware firmware function library, is a firmware function package, it is composed of programs, data structures and macros, including all external peripherals microcontroller performance characteristics. The library also includes t...

Embeded C

stm32F103 SDCard FATFS

7 hours ago    By:rainbow      View:265      Download:1

The example code for stm32F103RC interface with SD Card, based on FATFS library. You can see the software connection of MCU with SD Card via spi interface. With FATFS, you can make folfer, write and read file on SD Card very easy......

Embeded C

stm32 player

9 hours ago    By:夏日清凉      View:94      Download:0

Based stm32 done player source, CPU: stm32F103ZE @ 72 MHZ, 3.3v    IIS master: ATMEGA48 @ 16.9344 MHZ, 5v  Memory: SD Card  DAC: PCM1793  Display: TFT OTM3225 by FSMC bus driver.  Steering wheel: arrow keys, pause play button.  Software:  File S...

播放器 C

STM8 based spi_flash

2014-12-11 09:44    By:Ljinzhao      View:16      Download:0

STM8 based spi_flash, effectively saving the IO port used, comments are clear, are easy to understand for beginners, suitable for novices to learn...

Arm C

stm32F103 BH1750 illumination sensor program

4 hours ago    By:bushiniu      View:75      Download:0

BH1750 illumination sensor stm32F103 program serial readout data MDK has been tested by...

Embeded C

stm32F103 USB HID

8 hours ago    By:rainbow      View:475      Download:5

The example code for stm32F103RC with USB HID type. You can see the software connection of MCU with USB in hardware config file. This example allow you interface mcu stm32 with PC via USB HID. You can send data from stm32 to PC......

Embeded C
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