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Sccb bus ov6620 driver code

Mainly on driving ov6620 Basic code, similar to the IIC bus   configuring the internal registers...

MT6250RF No calibration parameters settings

RF calibration is very time-consuming, and to simplify the line production problems, increase productivity, by an annex code, a direct replacement for the baseline file, does not send and receive power and sensitivity calibration to meet requirements....

2013-09-17 01:59

Tiny210V2 IO Test App under wince by VC++

Test Application that Turn on LEd and read push button from Hardware. in this project we control hardware resources from Tiny210V2 Board. The OS is wince 6.0 and compiler is VS 2005 The Code is writed in C++. you need to install RC1,RC2 and RC3 for Visual 2005. at least...

Kernel Porting for S5PV210 Chip: Linux Kernel Input Subsystem

Tiny210V2 board has 8 keys, but no input subsystem is available. The provider only offers drivers for these buttons, thus making buttons of no real function. You may add the input subsystem to the Kernel to give the buttons the functions of a normal keyboard with key value, left,right, up, down and...

2013-11-24 00:36

Ov7620 camera control

Through this code, xs128 single-chip computer control ov7620 digital camera features are made available, Assistant through the serial port, you can clearly see the image, the acquired image for 20x256 resolution that can be used for intelligent image collector car race....

2014-09-22 01:09

APEV2 Library for Reads APEv1 and APEV2, and writes APEV2 Tags

Library is a component for use in Win32 (9x/ME/2K/XP/Vista/7/8), Win64, OSX, iOS and Android software. Reads APEv1 and APEV2, and writes APEV2 Tags. Features: - Loading of APEv1 and APEV2 Tags - Saving of APEV2 Tags - Removing of APE Tags - Supports ID3v1 tags after the APE tag...

2014-10-06 23:25
by robt

Ov5620 used in FPGA

Ov5620 used in FPGA, the program's function is to drive the camera OV5620 and data output through the VGA interface, external monitor See the webcam image....

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