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Tesseract OCR SDK

2015-11-16 22:36    By:残风追月      View:378      Download:5

Tesseract OCR SDK to use Chinese Simplified Development Kit...

OCR Java

MS OCR VC program

2015-11-08 01:05    By:Lid      View:172      Download:4

Graphic character recognition (OCR) Is a common thing. Earlier Microsoft Office2003 launched an OCR module has a good support for Chinese (a brand of no less than the domestic product). There may be many people noticed this nice stuff, but MS_OCR on the VC++ haven't seen the interface and usage dis...

Windows C++

Tesseract OCR

2015-11-25 00:02    By:adm.maniaco      View:204      Download:7

Tesseract OCR text 3.03 Find letters in the image and converts it to text This is the source code  OCR Text recognition using delphi....

Other Delphi

OCR with voice guidance

2015-03-11 04:40    By:suri      View:18      Download:1

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) also called Optical Character Reader is a system that provides a full  alphanumeric recognition of printed or handwritten characters at electronic speed by simply scanning the  form. Forms containing characters images can be scanned...

Matlab Matlab

Optical character recognition (OCR)

2015-11-18 14:45    By:18686518921      View:125      Download:4

Optical character recognition (OCR) optical character recognition an m program has more than one callback function. After you run the main program to achieve target object is locked to the picture, and extraction. And from the ABC library functions with the corresponding letters are displayed...

Matlab Matlab

Easyui write the administrative permission system

2015-11-09 22:54    By:bandly      View:155      Download:4

Rights management system, including users, roles, and user groups Databases, MySQL Develop framework for SSH Front Desk Framework Easyui Using Maven and other gadgets....

Web Framework Java

Teacher roll-call system developed using Easyui plug-in

2015-10-05 21:45    By:jnny      View:77      Download:1

This is the teacher roll-call system, combined with the Easyui js plugin realizes data persistence with Hibernate and Struts2 logic control, spring IOC,AOP weak coupling....

Java Development Java

EasyFPGA030 example code

2015-09-15 02:33    By:yfw      View:68      Download:0

This source code is the EasyFPGA030 example code. Welcome to download and try. Thank you all for your support!...

verilog Verilog

OCR image recognition

2015-11-17 03:21    By:mfkaudx      View:220      Download:2

Picture recognition OCR, API, called simple recognition rate was OK. OCR (Optical Character Recognition, optical character recognition ) is an electronic device (such as a scanner or digital camera) to check the characters that are printed on paper, by detecting mode determines the shape of dark, gl...

Windows C#

Finishing work with VBA energy report

2014-12-10 01:45    By:wxs05365259      View:23      Download:0

Housekeeping with VBA  energy saving report   finishing work using VBA, the transportation sector energy conservation and emission reduction   II features a quarter of energy conservation and emission reduction report are: first of all fill out the   completion values, operating...

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