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license plate recognition

The ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) using ALR (Automatic lineTracking Robot) is a system designed to help in recognition of number plates of vehicles.This system is designed for the purpose of the security and it is a security system. Thissystem is based on the image processing system. Thi...

license Plate Recognition

The coming era of technology will be the recognition of vehicle number plate recognition automatically which reduces the human requirement as well as for instant response to analyse and detect various type of vehicle. This matlab code helps to design such systems at primary level. all the best...

license plate recognition system

this is the full code for the license plate recognition system, license Plate Recognition demo v0.20...

license plate binarization

Program is relatively simple, is for informational purposes only,for beginners, and learning a complex code, this is a series of image processing reference themselves online I come in and sit down some programs, is not complicated....

license plate identification

Classification codes and numbers in selected provinces to identify and correctly identify a license plate number that Used MATLAB software programming to achieve each part , finally to recognize license plates. At the time of research analyzes problems of the handling. license plate location algo...

license plate location based on VC6.0+opencv1.0

The program development environment: VC6.0 opencv1.0 Steps: click on the program's main interface license plate recognition button Pop-up program interface. In the program interface: open picture image binarization, vehicle license plate location and characters  segmentation, cha...

license plate recognition system

license plate area tilt correction, license plate tilt correction procedures that can be used to image the plate boundary and the boundary is not parallel to the rotation of the image so that it is parallel, can be used for license plate recognition. Procedures can be carried out with the X-axis til...

license plate recognition program based on fuzzy pattern recognition

Vehicle license plate recognition based on fuzzy recognition program, developed with MATLAB, proven effective, can be with own algorithm contrast test, or you can validate...

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