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SIPP call script

SIPP call script produced for Beijing Mobile project, mainly for user registration, call scripting, the practical application in the concurrent calls a test project of Beijing Mobile, very useful....

I write testap.exe to run test

I write testap.exe to run test aodisanoiiiiic kiiidke ksiuujdmn jason test text...

DirectShow implementation method of real time video transmission

DirectShow implementation method of real time video transmission...

sip VoIP delphi

this project is a simple client of sip VoIP soft phone you have just to configure your sip server name and pass word and proxy then you have to know all IP addresses of your client and have fun to make call with your friends also you have the open source code to make what you want as changes . Have...

Java-based VoIP server

Mobicent open source SIP server, you can use the restcomm interface to internal communications function to provide a service, is currently the only cloud architecture-based converged communications platform....


Sipdroid is a voice over IP (internet protocol, VoIP) application for the Android operating system using the Session Initiation Protocol. Sipdroid is open source free software released under the GNU General Public License....

VS1003 Web VoIP

VS1003 web VoIP Sound recording and reproduction, you can put MP3 music files in WVA,MIDI format , and DVD-audio in ADPCM format, MP3 music files in WVA,MIDI format...

VoIP voice servers

An analog VoIPGateway program, vc development, network ip can call, in line with standard VoIP, sip protocol...

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