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hook code bypasses all user-level

Bypasses all user-level hook, hook-related technical, involves core Windows programming, the code is generic, suitable for anyone interested in studying this aspect or that aspect...

2013-09-21 03:30



2013-10-30 23:28

hook system API

The API hook system, can be an API function changes. API hook technique is a technique for changing API results, Microsoft's own Windows operating systems which use this technology, such as the Windows compatibility mode. This source code is intended to deal with some special calls, to meet the ne...


Magic Api hook Engine v1.0 (Delphi Source Code)this is a simple all around process Api hooker and Dll Injector.UserMode(Ring3) just for WinNT family....

2014-04-17 15:03

hook Android function routine

For hook character, change the character information display. For example, the output of all the android character w to p and so on. As a hook in the Enlightenment tutorials android use. For hook other functions, but also the application of similar methods. Just find function can hook. Use requires...

2014-06-05 23:20

Realized by Apihook print monitor

Realized by Apihook print monitor, C++ is written is simple, for reference only, monitors print queues...

2014-07-29 03:25

Delphi hook Lib x86/x64

Universal hook library. Support X86 and X64. Using open source BeaEngine disassemble engines. benefits of BeaEngine can be compiled with BCB into OMF format Obj, Were linked to Delphi's DCU and the destination file ... does not require additional DLL....

2014-09-12 07:43

hook & Injection

This is hook & dll injection module It was written by c++...

C # implementation of hook mouse and keyboard source code

Global hook, you can get Mouseover, Mouse Click, MouseDown Up, DoubleClick. Wheel, Press, keyboard KeyPress, keyDown, KeyUp...

APIhook intercept CreateProcess function block to start the application

Use APIhook intercept CreateProcess function to achieve the purpose of intercepting start the application. When you run a program, will pop up a message "CreateProcess". Prove that the application has been blocked....

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