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Web development, the realization of a wishing wall before and after development

Web Webpage development, the realization of a wishing wall before and after development. The front end can be published and show the desire,the desire to achieve the background (data) additions and deletions.Using an integrated develop...

Bi-directional chat program

In Web page development, two-way chat program developed using c # language. When we want to save the content of text, we are declaring a FileStream, then through the write () method writes text content inside.Based on P2P and content delivery, too, a bit like the text is to be written, but the diffe...


kendo.common.min.js Beautiful Web page development, interface development. Spend more Time to create Application to please users, Less time development Common functionality And coordination Different JavaScript frameworks 。 Kendo UI is to build modern Web and HTML5,JavaScript,...

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