webcamC# source code

2015-02-24 03:53    By:jimmy      View:61      Download:0

Cameras to snap photos feature the simple code sample in c #, WinForms programs, Use Avicap32.dll call camera, video or photos. Not much code, but a simple application...

Image Processing C#


2015-03-30 06:25    By:kclark      View:62      Download:0

toolkit for test and connected wifi with WinCE50 and openetcf. command for signal level , accesspoint and connection...

Driver Development C#

webcam BCB XE2 grab the image with the test program

2014-12-19 06:49    By:guanyanchen0307      View:38      Download:0

This is a written test USB camera test program that provides beginners to capture camera video input purposes, the use VFW capture only a simple Windows interface program that uses PANEL as the output interface, Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 ~ XE4 compatible video capture examples....

Windows Borland C++ Builder

Use webcame in C# program

2015-01-20 01:41    By:hamed68      View:53      Download:0

By this source code, you can use webcam in programs that wrote with C#. Indeed, this source code is best example of use of webcam in your program. I hope, this source code can help you....

Other C#

webcam in LabVIEW

2015-04-10 01:20    By:poorabedi      View:27      Download:0

this is a program that show how to use webcam in LabVIEW....

Image Processing LabView

MicroDVR - Simple Video Security Using webcams, motion Detection

2015-04-07 15:05    By:danska      View:101      Download:3

This is a simple application that allows the user to use the available VideoCaptureDevices (webcams) as security cameras. The interface allows the user to record the videocapture of a specific camera to a video file (.avi) to local storage (The recording path also can be set via the interface)...

Windows C#

How to perform Face Detection using your camera / webcam.

2015-04-16 04:44    By:edy.calpa      View:144      Download:2

How to perform Face Detection using your camera / webcam. Download WPF Face Detection Solution File Hi there, this is a new tutorial category in my blog. It's Computer Vision. In this blog, I'd like to show you something cool. It's how to perform Face Detection us...

Windows C#


2015-03-10 23:10    By:louissong      View:23      Download:0

CamStream, tools for webcams Documentation is in HTML format in 'docs' (this is a replica of the website the moment this version was released). For the absolute impatient: ./configure make (drink coffee) make install And you're done!  ...

video C++

webcam capture

2014-12-15 04:30    By:nextron      View:15      Download:1

This program captures an image from a webcam and saves it in bmp format. 480x640 px....

Matlab Matlab

webcam Image capture

2014-11-19 05:34    By:Jubas      View:10      Download:0

Capturing webcam and sabe in a image em utilize OCR conversion, the cod is in portuguese languase. Any help contact me by email

Multimedia Delphi

webcam Sample

2015-03-17 23:32    By:tylergage      View:19      Download:0

This example show how to capture Camera with VFW. This is very simple and easy to learn. In the future i will upload many many samples. Good bye! Good bye! Good bye!...

GUI Visual C++

Capture and save Frames using webcam matlab Code

2015-04-03 21:27    By:Mathyuuka      View:7      Download:0

Capture and save Frames using webcam Code...

Matlab Matlab

OpenCV webcam video capture test

2015-04-03 09:25    By:tzm0412      View:130      Download:2

Camera video acquisition and testing programs written using OpenCV, from the camera to capture images or video. Further collection edited by opecnv....

Algorithm C++

Image processing based on USB webcam 2

2015-04-03 21:25    By:端木北辰      View:54      Download:0

The VC6.0 works, is based on USB camera image processing code, just started to learn students can refer to the following video image processing....

Graph C++

VB webcam control source code

2015-02-08 22:22    By:wypabcd      View:55      Download:0

Dim lpszName As String * 100 Dim lpszVer As String * 100 Dim Caps As CAPDRIVERCAPS '//Create Capture Window capGetDriverDescriptionA 0, lpszName, 100, lpszVer, 100 '// Retrieves driver info lwndC = capCreateCaptureWindowA(lpszName, WS_CAPTION Or WS_THICKFRAME Or WS_VISIBLE Or WS_CHILD, 0, 0,...

video VB

webcam face recognition using histogram equalization

2015-03-13 08:35    By:farag.sayed      View:16      Download:0

this work done in the project of automatic system for online face recognition based on histogram and principal component analysis and detect the face motion from video stream....

Image Processing Matlab

webcam capture

2015-04-03 21:26    By:inktripod      View:19      Download:0

Uses Microsoft's DirectShow development, C++ to write. Can operate the camera, take pictures, and save pictures in specified directories...

Image Processing C++

Through the network camera tracking of color objects.

2015-02-05 21:37    By:schiva2      View:7      Download:0

This small program tracking object with it's color.It acquire frame source from web cam and then, it tracking object.It use openCV( open source ) library.It will be useful for image processing beginner....

image processing Delphi

webcam Capture VC++ Source code

2 hours ago    By:irol2001      View:18      Download:2

Capture the video on the web camera at the computer, use pure c++ code and MFC to implemented.It\'s very useful for beginner to learn the technology how to capture image and video of the camera....

Graph C++

ARM based QT webcam software

2015-02-25 02:33    By:dali_2001      View:51      Download:1

Web camera driver of development, based on ARM development boards, QT platform. Hope for all of us....

Linux programming C

JMFUSB webcam source code

2015-03-02 03:03    By:aiyuaichou      View:48      Download:0

Use sun official JMF framework to achieve local USB interface camera video in real-time playback demo  program, which calls into java awt application examples and sample applet web calls...

video Java


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