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netstat (network statistics) ,is a command line tool that display network connections.This program is a example made in borland c++ builder using WinSock....

DirectX WinSock Sample

Demonstrates a DirectX 9 Application using WinSock (UDP) with .X DirectX Model format. You will need visual studio and the DirectX sdk to compile....

Client WinSock

Servers and Clients have different behaviors; therefore, the process of creating them is different. What follows is the general model for creating a streaming TCP/IP Server and Client....


WinSock_2网络编程实用教程及源码 内容   \第二章 //本章经编译后的可执行文件 \SimpleClient   //在该文件夹中存放了本章所举实例的源程序 \Res //本章所对应的资源文件 \SimpleServer //在该文件夹中存放了本章所举...

Meridian _ WinSock network programming source code

WinSock network programming _ source is easier for beginners to learn to use Meridian communications over a variety of network types are described in detail WinSock network programming channels _ source is easier for beginners to learn to use detailed communications over a variety of network...

Send RCV Files

Send receive files using WinSockWe don’t think learning stops when an assignment is submitted. This is meant as an intellectual effort to find the “perfect” solution to assignments. We're students who love writing beautiful code and the intellectual challenge of refactoring.Assignment solution...

Information exchange based on WinSock

By serverSocket.Accept () to receive the client Socket connection requests, loop the thread listens in real time can be achieved here, rather than listen only once. When the program is run serverSocket.Accept (), it will wait until a client Socket connection request, gets the client Socket, as state...

WinSocket programming chat room

Using WinSocket function, write a simple client/server model chat room software. Entire program using WinSocket functions send and receive network data, you can use the UDP Protocol , you can also use the TCP Protocol...

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