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A function special WinXP scientific calculator...

企业人事管理系统完美版源代码 这是一套完整的企业人事管理系统完美版软件源代码,主要功能包括系统设置、员工档案、考勤管理、工作评价、员工调动、工资管理等几大模...

Personnel management system perfect version of the source code This is a complete set of enterprise personnel management system perfect version of the software source code, the main functions, including system settings, staff files, attendance management, job evaluation, staff mobility, wage managem...


WinXP mains V4.88 Fillmore source code, original : fchker...

WinXP Internet跳棋游戏人机对战VB源码

WinXP Internet checkers game players VB source plane!...


对windows xp下麦克风、主音量进行音量大小以及静音操作。因为xp下没有像win7可以直接静音的api,故而静音时智能调节麦克风音量最小。编译环境vs2008亲测...

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