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Windows LiCEnse

this is Windows LiCEnse Activator. click to activate button and wait. will be popup window open a lot of seconds later. click to restart button and enjot it....

Windows proCEss permissions to modify

Find system proCEss modifies the permissions of the proCEss, the environment vs2010. Detailed information can be used to view the Current system proCEsses and modify the permissions proCEss, increase the shut down proCEss....

Windows serviCE management

Archive contains two files ServiCEManager.h,ServiCEManager.cpp can be used directly CServiCEManager provides the interfaCE as follows: BOOL IsActive(); //Check whether the serviCE open BOOL StopServiCE(SC_HANDLE hServiCE); //Close the serviCEs BOOL StartServiCE(); //Starting servi...

Windows proCEss management

Archive contains two files ProCEssManager. h, andProCEssManager. cpp can be used directly CProCEssManager provides the interfaCE is as follows: BOOL SetProCEssId(DWORD dwProCEssId); BOOL EnableDebugPrivilege(); BOOL QueryProCEssStatus(); BOOL SuspendProCEss(); BOOL...

Windows performanCE counters and statistics network traffic

Use with Windows performanCE counters, statistics of the network traffic. Supports wired and wireless networking, network card and network card....

Windows core programming 5th edition (PDF) and the SourCE

Windows core programming 5th edition (PDF) and the SourCE .Windows core programming is to explain the internal mechanisms of the Windows operating system, a monograph. Starting from the basic conCEpt of a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the Windows underlying implementation mechanisms,...

WinCE handheld machine direct acCEss to the SqlServer database server

WinCE handheld machine direct acCEss to the SqlServer database server and development environment: winCE5.0+VS2005 Simple PDA connection example...

ACE splitter example

Great ACE reactor Server sourCE code, good examples to illustRate the reactor's use, it is a server sourCE code, the data reCEived is returned to the client...

VFP DLL callback function is used to write Windows ServiCE serviCE programs

VFP no callback function using external DLL implements a callback. Under Windows serviCE implemented as a register, log out, run, stop this function. VFP program can also be started as a serviCE. Sell, improper please make perfect....

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