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OBDII resolution Android port source code

Android port OBDII resolved source, Android Terminal app development. This code connects OBD-mainly implements the Android Bluetooth, then send and receive various commands....

Xilinx IIC IP

IIC interfaces provided by Xilinx, AXI interface. Features ‧ AXI interface is based on the AXI4-Lite interface ‧ Master or slave operation ‧ Multi-master operation ‧ Software selectable acknowledge bit ‧ Arbitration lost interrupt with automatic mode switching from master to slave...

UcosII kernel details

This document describes in detail the use of ucosII kernel and features, are indispensable to the development of MCU RTOS operating system information. Easy to learn and to find the appropriate information...

Xilinx Virtex-4 Development Board schematic diagram

Xilinx Virtex-4 Development Board schematic (containing DDR DDR2) document about 80 pages, 20 layer PCB, FPGA reference design schematic...

ASCII 2008 Votepack: 8bit GFX and Music player

This is a complex complete program. It is a collection of works for virtual graphics and music competition. And is a wrapper for these works. Music is played in its original format ZX Spectrum. The program is written in PureBasic and Comment out well....

MultiWII 2.1

MultiWII WinGUI is a .NET based configuration and GCS interface for the famous MultiWII multicopter controller software. It does not intend to replace the original MultiWIIConf utility, but trying to offer a richer user experience by sacrificing multi platform capabilities....

IIR filter optimization using modified pso

This code i have written for the optimization with modified pso, considering the initial coefficient so that the no of required iteration reduces....

UcosIIi on transplanted to stm32F2

This is a UCOSIII ported to STM32F2XX example, the inside has detailed notes. This is also my work for so  long, hard summarized. uC / OS-III (Micro C OS Three miniature operating system written in C 3rd Edition)  is a scalable, curable, priority-based real-time kerne...

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