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Source code to save .jpg files into *nII format

2015-10-20 03:34    By:scholar      View:34      Download:1

The code converts images in jpg/png format into *nII format. The matlab code along with images are supplied....

Image Processing Matlab

IIC STM8S hardware registers operation drive 24C02

2015-11-24 20:59    By:Brook      View:128      Download:1

Stm8 the IIc, online can be described as condemning , this discovery is really not good enough, complicated operation, but the most important thing is communication speed control after commissioning, through the operation of the clock register to select the communication speed , but it and by manual...

Embeded C

UcosIIi on transplanted to stm32F2

2015-11-03 02:00    By:hzdxs      View:76      Download:0

This is a UCOSIII ported to STM32F2XX example, the inside has detailed notes. This is also my work for so  long, hard summarized. uC / OS-III (Micro C OS Three miniature operating system written in C 3rd Edition)  is a scalable, curable, priority-based real-time kerne...

Embeded C

UcOS-III + LWIP + HTTP Server + calendar + clock/temperature dissolved oxygen test routines

2015-11-09 03:05    By:davidteng      View:1703      Download:5

System hardware STM32f103 chip, connected to the dissolved oxygen probe, external broadband network can realize remote monitoring, remote control functions through a computer. Sources include ucOS-III (real-time operating system), LWIP-1.3.2 (lightweight TCP/IP Protocol), and HTTP Server (emb...

Embeded C

Based on Altera's Nios II checksum use validate the C2H Accelerator system-Cyclone II

2015-11-18 00:06    By:jisungroc      View:2774      Download:1

Based on Altera's Nios II checksum use validate the C2H Accelerator system has been validated by the DE-2 Board, Component,Software Code there is DMA mode, and Custom Instruction, and General compared the component. Want to know NiosII system should have a lot of help....

verilog Verilog

Ucos_II transplant in STM32F103RBT6

2015-09-03 13:58    By:wjb244217587      View:91      Download:1

Ucos_II STM32F103RBT6 minimum system of transplant, contain minimal system schematics, file integrity,  the Keil compiler download...

Arm C

Simulating IIC hosts

2015-09-29 21:10    By:hairuibeijing      View:16      Download:0

The IIC and UART data exchange, this program mainly IIC host simulation, and monolithic control, microcontroller using this program STC89C52 series of single-chip microcomputer,...

Driver Development C

The transplantation of UC/osII system on 51 single chip

2015-08-13 21:14    By:rongqian123      View:29      Download:0

This code implement the transplantation of the uc/osII system in 51 single-chip computer, uc/osII system is a real-time multitasking operating system, can be implemented under a variety of transplant, 51 monolithic integrated circuit is its most simple porting platform, its hardware RAM>256,...

Embeded C

P18F452 uCosII source code

2015-09-09 03:25    By:morrifis      View:35      Download:1

P18F452 chip uCosII shift values, detailed description of the various interfaces, and applications with the chips, and routines that can actually use...

Embeded C

WIImote Head Tracking in VB6

2015-10-29 17:29    By:ratheons      View:32      Download:1

VB6 code to:- light the four DELs of the WIImote.-Read the X,Y coords of 4 IR's.-See the IR's in a PictureBox as crosses of different size depend on distance.Have fun. Sorry for the bad English of a French guy;o)...

Algorithm VB


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