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adsp m25p16 driver

2015-01-22 12:33    By:huoqiqiang      View:71      Download:1

ADSP m25p16 driver code, I personally tested, you can download the trial. Connect the cable, Visual DSP++ Environment loaded in the drive. To download or read the information w25q16....

Driver Development C


2015-02-17 09:36    By:binguiliu      View:28      Download:1

;************************************************************************************************ driver_WS2801: ; STAR FOR WS2801 WAIT 500US ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CLK_SET_LOW500US: cbi PORTB,WS2801_CLK LDI TEMPA,10 LOOP_WAIT_500US:...

Driver Development ASM

android usb driver

2015-02-25 01:43    By:jettleman      View:121      Download:0

Written by a Japanese Android USB drivers that can drive most of ftgi chip, which contains some reference source code, which is a driver file ftdriver package, using the reference source code is needed to drive the package into the reference source code so you can use driver package...

android Java

Simulation of cdma Transmitter And Receiver

2015-03-01 20:02    By:shi      View:36      Download:0

Code division multiple access (cdma) is a channel access method used by various radio communication technologies. cdma is an example of multiple access, which is where several transmitters can send information simultaneously over a single communication channel. Th...

Matlab Matlab

Wcdma Implementation using Matlab and Simulink

2015-02-09 02:19    By:adeelibrahim      View:48      Download:0

The goal for the next generation of mobile communications system is to seamlessly integrate a wide variety of communication services such as high speed data, video and multimedia traffic as well as voice signals. The technology needed to tackle the challenges to make these services available is...

Matlab Matlab

DS_cdma communication systems. zip

2015-02-09 09:18    By:lishan_wh      View:58      Download:4

Using MATLAB to achieve DS_cdma communication systems, including m series, gold series, spread spectrum function, spread spectrum function, QPSK modulation and demodulation, autocorrelation, cross-correlation functions, and so on. The main function main_DScdma.m Other functions a...

Matlab Matlab

Signal Processing LMS MVDR cdma

2015-01-14 17:49    By:pbarmashe      View:37      Download:0

For signal processing this matlab code helps developers and programmer to design signal processing applications like cdma where various algorithms will work like least mean square Algorithm and MVDR etc....

Matlab Matlab

cdma2000 Downlink Simulink Models

2014-12-17 17:04    By:ku3nec      View:23      Download:0

cdma2000 Downlink Simulink Models by Alex Rodriguez   25 Sep 2002 (Updated 26 Sep 2002) Simulation of a cdma2000 downlink system...

Matlab Matlab

cdma encoding and decoding for coax

2013-12-23 01:55    By:qurat      View:6      Download:0

cdma encoding and decoding matlab files for coax cable using PN sequence. the outputt is taken on simulator. ...

Matlab Matlab

cdma simulation code system

2015-02-26 03:34    By:panchunfengyi1989      View:26      Download:0

Simulation algorithm for cdma systems to the study of cdma classmates help and solve the problem, it can be used for learning...

Matlab Matlab

cdma modulation and demodulation

2015-02-09 02:22    By:arun      View:24      Download:0

Matlab coding for cdma modulation and demodulation simulation for the wireless communication channel, here ofdm is slected as the modulation schems, Description of program   Convert input bits to bipolar bits.. 1 to 1 and 0 to -1 for user1 and user2...

Matlab Matlab


2015-02-02 06:49    By:cpu200100      View:32      Download:1

The project as a WDM driver, compiled using the driverStudio. Contains the IO operations, and DMA transfers. If you have PLX9054 card, you can directly install the test....

Windows C++

Adaptive MC-cdma Multiple Channel Estimation and Tracking over Time-Varying Multipath Fading Channels

2014-12-15 09:09    By:rollu      View:43      Download:0

 Multicarrier code-division multiple access (MC-cdma) combines multicarrier transmission with direct-sequence  (DS) spread spectrum techniques. In this study, a novel multiple channel estimator, which consists of several  possible channel models and can be self-adjusted...

Document PDF

non-orthogonal cdma and IDMA

2015-02-07 01:19    By:raja      View:18      Download:0

While orthogonal multiple access schemes such as Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) or Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) are implicitly too restrictive to achieve theoretical limits in fading channels, non-orthogonal cdma or IDMA have the potential of achieving these limits [4]. Coding is...

book Word

Joint Channel and DOA Estimation for Multicarrier cdma Uplink Transmissions

2015-01-18 06:33    By:yoyuli      View:102      Download:0

The use of antenna arrays in wireless communications makes it possible to estimate the directions of arrival (DOAs) of impinging waveforms. The latter can be exploited to enhance channel estimation accuracy or as an input for advanced mobile positioning systems. In this paper, we consider the up...

Communication PDF

TI DSP BIOS user manual and driver development

2014-12-10 09:32    By:maplelhf      View:41      Download:0

TI DSP BIOS user manual and driver development, BIOS manual TI the Crown, perfect programming tools for embedded system based on DSP...

Embeded C

spi driver

2014-12-11 02:22    By:www.google.com      View:30      Download:0

SPI bus driver, at 8bit MCU debugging through. SPI-bus control convenience, efficiency is very high....

Arm C

cdma assignment

2015-02-09 03:39    By:phibkno1      View:25      Download:0

fu.f..hmtmnsfngnhmk,i,yuhnhnhng t tnyntnt ht th th h fd d g sư  ư r r th ttt f sv   ư %DS spread signal DS=kron(data,ds);%length Ns*Nc ( kron: Kronecker product, element matrices of kron(A,B) are A(i,j)B ) ---------------------------------------------- %plot first 2...

Matlab Matlab

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