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mimo-OFDM broadband communications

2015-11-18 02:50    By:Emrankhan      View:124      Download:2

Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is a popular method for high data rate wireless transmission. OFDM may be combined with antenna arrays at the transmitter and receiver to increase the diversity gain and/or to enhance the system capacity on time-variant and freque...

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2015-11-27 03:24    By:patriot.prakash      View:211      Download:2

Multiple input, multiple output-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (mimo-OFDM) is the dominant air interface for 4G and 5G broadband wireless communications. It combines multiple input, multiple output (mimo) technology, which multiplies capacity by transmitting different signals over multip...

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mimo OFDM BOOK source code

2015-11-22 16:43    By:dianzikeji      View:297      Download:10

mimo and OFDM technology is B3G (LTE, and LTE-, 4G) the key physical layer technology, the book introduces the concepts and theories in the field, and simulation and verification through the MATLAB program. The book total points 13 chapter, respectively for: wireless channel: spread and declined, SI...

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Multi User mimo System Analysis and implementation

2015-11-20 12:34    By:Emrankhan      View:249      Download:7

A relatively recent idea of extending the benefits of mimo systems to multiuser scenarios seems promising in the context ofachieving high data rates envisioned for future cellular standards after 3G (3rd Generation). Although substantial research hasbeen done on the theoretical front, recent focus i...

Matlab Matlab

Study on mimo channel capacity

2015-11-24 17:39    By:yanyou201309      View:147      Download:5

Influence of the number of antennas for mimo channel capacity, application MATLAB7.0 software, is constant,  the more the number of antennas in other conditions, the greater channel capacity of mimo system, whereas  the channel capacity of mimo system is smaller...

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mimo watefilling

2015-10-27 00:47    By:baby19851011      View:67      Download:1

This is a claasical code of Matlab, it is very useful for guys learning power accolation in mimo multiplex communication system. Waterfilling gorithm is very important for mimo power accolation which is also easy to implented....

Matlab Matlab

mimo in c++

2015-10-21 04:17    By:kaleb      View:27      Download:0

An example of a mimo system employing the IT++ Library within C++. It demonstrates use of some class of functions in IT++. The program simulates a simple convolutionally coded spatial-multiplexing (V-BLAST style) mimo system with maximum-likelihood, alternatively zero-forcing, demodulation...

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mimo channel modelling

2015-11-15 21:44    By:rtf2013      View:80      Download:1

This is the Matlab simulation of mimo channel modeling of program source code. Welcome to download and try.  Thank you all for your support!...

Matlab C

channel estimation for mimo OFDM

2015-11-17 03:01    By:shole      View:162      Download:3

In this m.file a 2*2 mimo-ofdm system is evaluated.estimation of the channel based on mean square error is calculated....

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2015-10-06 04:54    By:ruddy      View:22      Download:0

the time reversal and mimo system will conquer the multi-path in underwater acoustic communication, time reversal can omit multi-path adaptively, mimo system will use the channel wideband efficiently ...

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