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Back propagation Network for NAND

2014-12-04 06:36    By:abolfazl      View:21      Download:0

It's a back propagation algorithm for NAND  gate with MATLAB language...

Matlab Matlab

Back propagation Neural Network with Multiple Outputs

2014-12-08 13:22    By:MEF      View:23      Download:0

The principle of back propagation is actually quite easy to understand, even though the maths behind it can look rather daunting. The basic steps are: Initialise the network with small random weights. Present an input pattern to the input layer of the network. Feed...

Algorithm C#

Backpropagation method

2014-11-29 06:32    By:abdul      View:16      Download:0

An example of backpropagation program to solve simple XOR gate with different inputs. the inputs are 00, 01, 10, and 00 and the output targets are 0,1,1,0. the algorithm will classify the inputs and determine the nearest value to the output...

Matlab Matlab

Backpropagation Simple Example

2014-12-19 08:25    By:cyberprogs      View:28      Download:1

This simple code to explain the  Backpropagation Algorithm implementation using C#  with two nodes  as input , and one hidden layer ...

Algorithm C#

beam propagation method

2014-11-28 03:56    By:sanju0000      View:16      Download:0

This project gives u a detailed view of how the beam propagation methods works for several waveguides. this will be very useful if you are intrested in doing projects under the topic wave propagation for communication...

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2014-12-17 00:35    By:puzzhy      View:8      Download:0

this is sorce code of backpropagation algorithm from neural network with use java language programming ...

Document Java

simulation of propagation electromagnetic waves in guidewave

2014-11-28 03:56    By:pham.quyet      View:18      Download:0

simulation of propagation electromagnetic waves in guidewave, current, volt, in retangular waveguide...

Matlab Matlab

Back-propagation neural network

2014-12-04 16:08    By:momo      View:10      Download:0

propagation neural network algorithm source code  It is supervised neural network that needs two learning parameters learning rate and momentum ...

Image Processing C++

Multi Layer Perceptron Neural Network (Back propagation With Bias)

2014-12-19 17:42    By:nemesis2      View:50      Download:0

A multilayer perceptron is a feedforward artificial neural network model that maps sets of input data onto a set of appropriate outputs. A MLP consists of multiple layers of nodes in a directed graph, with each layer fully connected to the next one. Here is a fully commented, plain and...

Matlab Matlab

MRF Code for belief propagation

2014-12-18 18:07    By:goodsp_007      View:16      Download:0

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. For more details, see the GNU General Public Licen...

Matlab C++

Gaussian beam propagation

2014-12-04 06:21    By:snoopy101      View:14      Download:2

Using the MATLAB simulation of Gaussian propagation in the atmosphere, you can observe some specific parameters, you can modify, you can see the beam waist, the distribution and changes of light intensity...

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