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Back propagation Network for NAND

2015-09-11 15:25    By:abolfazl      View:27      Download:0

It's a back propagation algorithm for NAND  gate with MATLAB language...

Matlab Matlab

Back propagation Neural Network with Multiple Outputs

2015-10-11 09:39    By:MEF      View:36      Download:0

The principle of back propagation is actually quite easy to understand, even though the maths behind it can look rather daunting. The basic steps are: Initialise the network with small random weights. Present an input pattern to the input layer of the network. Feed...

Algorithm C#

Backpropagation method

2015-05-20 07:05    By:abdul      View:22      Download:0

An example of backpropagation program to solve simple XOR gate with different inputs. the inputs are 00, 01, 10, and 00 and the output targets are 0,1,1,0. the algorithm will classify the inputs and determine the nearest value to the output...

Matlab Matlab

Backpropagation Simple Example

2015-11-16 20:48    By:cyberprogs      View:33      Download:1

This simple code to explain the  Backpropagation Algorithm implementation using C#  with two nodes  as input , and one hidden layer ...

Algorithm C#

propagation channel

2014-04-18 06:06    By:bortx      View:13      Download:0

Many diferents propagation simulation models for radiocomunications. The COST Hata model is a radio propagation model that extends the urban Hata model (which in turn is based on the Okumura model) to cover a more elaborated range of frequencies. It is the mos...

Matlab Matlab

A very simple example of Neural Networks using back propagation

2015-10-11 09:30    By:samroni      View:34      Download:2

 A very simple example of Neural Networks using back propagationThis program is a simple example of Neural Networks using back propagation. My code has all basic functionalities like learning rate, load net, save net, etc. You can have as many layers as you can. The code here is extensible ie y...

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