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android Bluetooth serial debugging assistant source code

2015-11-25 08:13    By:adam08      View:3543      Download:21

This is the Bluetooth serial debugging assistant android source code, test can be run. Welcome to download  and try. Thank you all for your support!...

Android Java

Verilog serial port serial port receive module receiver module

2015-11-12 23:56    By:wf45852338      View:112      Download:1

Verilog serial port serial port receive module receiver module, contains the BPS modules, level detection module and the control module...

verilog Verilog

android video communications, Rs232 serial port development, Tablet control sail system, automatic driving.

2015-10-17 01:21    By:阿狸小宝      View:1372      Download:3

A system only for large ships in regional waters, including, android video communications, Rs232 serial port development, Tablet control sail system, automatic driving. Friends need these questions can contact me, welcome to Exchange 852979886. like the letter l....

Android Java

android Bluetooth controlled car

2015-10-19 00:20    By:CJyoyo      View:156      Download:2

IRobot android control, the code is very simple, but did not address the Bluetooth search or something like that, but in the procedure call to find Bluetooth Bluetooth address on. But it is very easy to understand....

Android Java

android Bluetooth communication

2015-11-24 01:51    By:chardonnay      View:252      Download:7

Bluetooth communication a complete copy of the source code, contains a Bluetooth search, matching, all operations, including communications. Speaks quite detailed...

Android Java

android Bluetooth 4.0ble

2015-11-19 23:29    By:chardonnay      View:126      Download:7

Latest technology low-power Bluetooth search, discovery, paired features such as true! Detailed code comments, Bluetooth low power good information...

Android Java

android Bluetooth driver debugging

2015-05-08 04:30    By:androidlover      View:14      Download:0

Based on android (Linux) Bluetooth chip drive commissioning process and the detailed documentation and source code....

Java Development Java

android Bluetooth development

2015-10-28 05:39    By:lijinhua      View:69      Download:2

Via android mobile phone Bluetooth, you can connect to another Bluetooth device, and can send and receive data, you can send 16 hexadecimal or ASCII codes, connecting two android phones you can chat...

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