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epub reader on android iphone

12 hours ago    By:hcjhahaha      View:57      Download:0

These codes are for android iphon to open and read the epub documents. These codes are for android iphon to open and read the epub documents. These codes are for android iphon to open and read the epub documents. These codes are for android iphon to open and read the epub documen...

Java Development Java

[android] phone data to a computer (WiFi)

2015-03-19 23:40    By:jaychnou      View:96      Download:10

How to transfer  data from mobile phone to a computer via WIFI?  We can use the ServerSocket (Server side) and socket (Client side) to implement as an example, Selected a photograph sent from the phone to the computer, Here it must be noted, Server and client needs in the same UR...

Android Java

android address book

2015-02-24 03:04    By:lzl5233      View:170      Download:2

Achieved by SQLIITE contacts database CRUD layout does not look good, the database is a good package,  you can directly call...

Android Java

android e-book make a template source code

2014-12-12 09:12    By:u8u5i@aliyun.com      View:27      Download:0

Font section page reading mode Advertising, added some code, everyone can see, and can be ignored. Also there are several upgrades on this code base APK, interested can look at, maybe you can make a better result....

GUI Java

phone book

2014-04-27 01:26    By:mahdieh      View:4      Download:0

implement phone book in android.vertion 2.3.3 android insert,delete,edit,search phone number easily:):D...

Android Others

Silent install/uninstall android App

2015-03-30 11:46    By:zhp075366      View:80      Download:0

In the case of android phones Root through pm or pm to uninstall Silent install/uninstall App....

Android Java

android Dial Widgets

2015-03-07 03:49    By:acassis      View:29      Download:0

This is a project to implement gauge and dial component for android smartphones. This gauges could be used for example to show car speed reading data from OBD-II devices....

Android C

Azimuth display software for android platform

2015-03-14 03:30    By:huazai      View:76      Download:1

android Platform design includes networking data display software receives data visualization and animation, electronic compass displays three sections. android mobile phone platform-targeting information display software, WIFI networks as data transmission medium, and system USR-WIFI232-B Wirel...

Android Java

Imitation IQIYI android app,the best android learning materials

2015-02-06 02:10    By:wzhystar      View:177      Download:3

Imitation IQIYI android clients, realize the picture scroll, multi-screen tags, code can increase the list; android's  code is more mature,This is a very good introductory training Examples can be used as a learning and on-the-job  training; if you want to make the officia...

Android Java

cocos2d-x android helloworld

2015-02-12 02:25    By:xinlingjiema      View:60      Download:0

Simple cocos2d-x android HelloWorld project, cocos2d-x for learning android development. If you configured your environment, appropriate changes have been made to develop a new android cocos2d-x program. Chief among them modify the android.mk file to amend the CPP file needs to be compiled. This dem...

Android C++

The android source code dialog

2015-01-04 12:29    By:一个人の旅行      View:55      Download:0

android newbie small example, teach you how to write dialog on your phone. . Simple dialog lets start from the novice to learn android, a step toward success. ....

Android Java

android source code

2015-02-23 01:51    By:OYK      View:63      Download:0

android source code, one can allow lianliankan games on an android phone, with source code...

Android Java

android hero video convert source code

2015-03-31 01:31    By:dxb2008      View:304      Download:6

Mobile video calling can be achieved using file inside the package, please outline in your code when using, realize the effect of video calling between android phones, within the same local area network, configuring IP,android-end you can open the other cameras to transmit images to the PC side, sim...

Android Java

android SQLite application

2015-01-27 15:14    By:yang      View:62      Download:0

Operated using android's SQLite databases, you can implement change search functions are added or removed....

CellPhone Java

Crazy android handouts source

20 hours ago    By:j_zh      View:237      Download:3

Lectures on the crazy android presents a thorough introduction to android application development-related knowledge. Offered here is a crazy android handouts source , android handouts, sample code is crazy. Altogether the book includes hundreds of instances, the model instance can be used to help th...

Android Java

android Developing Flashlight Application

2015-03-30 13:09    By:jake      View:302      Download:2

Today i am going to demonstrate developing a simple android application. This application is about turning on and off device flashlight / torchlight with simple touch. Please note that this app is targeted to mobile devices only, i am not sure how this app looks in tablet devices. This app co...

Android Java

Wordpress for android

2 hours ago    By:freeworm      View:267      Download:1

WordPress for android is an Open Source project, which means anyone can play a part in its development. WordPress for android is released under the GNU General Public License. Both our app and our source code are free to download and use however you’d like. In return, if you are able, we...

Android Java

android FTP source code

2015-03-31 03:12    By:fxlysm      View:217      Download:5

android FTP Source code,  for FTP client development on android, support upload and download....

Android Java

Latest high imitation of Tencent's QQ android code

2015-03-28 17:35    By:infosis      View:304      Download:3

Through the example of "latest high imitation of Tencent's QQ android code", fully understand the features and architecture of android, skilled in building integrated development environments and emulators, skilled in using the Eclipse integrated development environment to develop run Andr...

Android Java
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