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Enhanced OLSR for defense against DOS attact in Adhoc networks.

2015-11-09 19:58    By:PVINODCHOWDARY       View:83      Download:3

A mobile ad hoc networks (MAnet) is a collection of mobile devices, which are connected by wireless links without the use of any fixed infrastructures or centralized access points. In MAnet, each node acts not only as a host but also as a router to forward messages for other nodes that are not wi...

Wireless communication Tcl/Tk

Mobile Ad-hoc network Simulate

2015-09-21 12:57    By:Nass      View:53      Download:0

This application not only demonstrates the basics of using the Microsoft Foundation classes but is also a starting point for writing your application. This file contains a summary of what you will find in each of the files that make up your Ad hoc Simulate application....

Algorithm Visual C++

COMM4 Efficient Packet Filtering in Wireless Ad hoc network

2015-10-13 03:39    By:jafaruatit      View:21      Download:0

Front end: visual basicIntermediate: temporary internet(embedded wings) liveBack end: wireless technology(RS 232 protocols) Wireless ad hoc networks arean emerging technology. These networks are composed of mobile nodes and mayadopt different topologies depending on the nature of the environmen...


IEEE802.15.4 opnet simulation model

2015-11-02 00:38    By:wsn_1111      View:148      Download:7

For IEEE802.15.4 protocol given opnet simulation model, requires opnet version is 15.0, otherwise not open,Code for zigbee wireless sensor networks learners and learners with a reference value...

opnet C++

networks questions

2015-09-24 17:41    By:Dennis      View:73      Download:0

Computer network HW , who can help me to finish? please contact my QQ number 907553033 thanks...

Network questions C source code

2015-11-14 23:21    By:speedo001      View:140      Download:2

this code in image processing which work with and image implementationrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... VB

netty4 patch upload example

2015-06-14 22:00    By:303844828      View:16      Download:0

netty4 patch upload examples use the netty4 client-side and server-side upload upload of file fragmentation, and  each time you upload a small part of the multiple upload Use httpchunk, fragment handling mechanism (netty itself)...

Java Development Java

. netMF LPC43xx porting example

2015-10-20 01:39    By:wwllzz      View:49      Download:0

Today's small processor embedded hardware performance has been quite high, it is a pity too much software control algorithms and corresponding lack of capacity, domestic tiered collaborative environment is not good, believe it. netMF (called Windows2 compared easy understanding,   although was...

Embeded C++

Alumni systems ( 3.5 implementation)

2015-11-09 04:48    By:笑傲浆糊      View:115      Download:2

The basic functions of the program Alumni system, through the operation of the database, perfected the Alumni of all features, easy beginner to refer to the study, can also be modified by the general framework to achieve their function modules you want to add. I hope you can pass this little program...

Windows C++


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