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Clustering in aodv routing protocol

1 hours ago    By:aaaaa      View:78      Download:1

This is the source code of clustering in aodv routing protocol. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support!...

Linux programming C++

aodv routing protocol

2015-03-30 12:26    By:kojirole      View:178      Download:1

aodv, routes are discovered in an on-demand basis and are maintained as long as they are required. Like  DSDV it maintains a sequence number, which it increases each time it finds a change in the topology of its  neighborhood. This sequence number ensures that the most recent r...

Matlab Matlab

aodv protocol

3 hours ago    By:priyanka      View:107      Download:2

o date, the majority of ad hoc routing protocol research has been done using simulation only. One of the most motivating reasons to use simulation is the difficulty of creating a real implementation. In a simulator, the code is contained within a single logical component, which is clearly defined an...

Other C++

aodv source code

2015-03-30 12:26    By:aminfeyzi      View:93      Download:0

Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET) are a special kind of Mobile Ad-hoc network (MANET), in which vehicles on the road forms the nodes of the networks. Now a days, VANETs find several applications as an Intelligent Transportation System. Dynamic network architectures and node movement&n...

Shell Script C++

aodv Implementation

2015-03-25 11:55    By:saks      View:96      Download:2

This code is for implementing aodv routing protocol n manet using NS2. the code provided here is for 50 nodes.. user can change the number as per requirement....

Other Tcl/Tk

routing protocol

2015-03-20 06:15    By:whitedelphi      View:46      Download:0

routing Example for omnet++Demonstrates static shortest-path routing. routing tables are set up at thebeginning of the simulation using the cTopology class. The model isintentionally kept simple to facilitate understanding.The network topology is the one widely known as the "NTT backbone",...

Windows C++

aodv algorithm

2015-03-30 04:34    By:revathybaskaran      View:84      Download:0

Here the aodv program with 100 nodes is designed.. Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (aodv) routing is a routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) and otherwireless ad hoc networks. The main advantage of this protocol is having routes established on demand and th...

Shell Script Tcl/Tk

aodv papers

2015-03-30 04:31    By:aminfeyzi      View:34      Download:0

aodv is a mature and widely accepted routing protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks(MANET), it has low processing and memory overhead and low network utilization, and works well even in high mobility situation, but it has scalable problem for large mobile networks. ...

File PDF

Adding a New routing protocol

2015-03-29 05:36    By:alaforever      View:51      Download:0

This is the source code of adding a new routing protocol in network simulator with idsaodv example....

network simulator Tcl/Tk

aodv tcl file

2015-03-28 01:42    By:MANDEEP      View:166      Download:4

Nodes are configured with specific parameters of a mobile wireless node. After creating the nam file and trace file, we set up topography object. set node_ ($i) [$ns node] is used to create the nodes. Initial location of the nodes is fixed. Specific X, Y coordinates are assigned to every nod...

NS2.35 Tcl/Tk

aodv attacker

2015-03-28 02:28    By:siva      View:130      Download:1

It is a malicious node attack in aodv routing.aodv attacker ....to prevent security threats of blackhole by notifying other nodes in the network of the incident. The simulation results in ns2 (ver- 2.33) demonstrate that our protocol not only prevents blackhole attack but consequently improves t...

ns2 Tcl/Tk

Caodv code

2015-03-09 02:50    By:maitanaji      View:32      Download:0

Implementation of caodv (cognitive adhoc on-demand vector ) routing protocol on NS2 for cognitive radio netwroks...

Other C++

GrayHole attack in aodv

2015-03-25 10:42    By:MANDEEP      View:106      Download:3

It is a malicious node attack in aodv routing.aodv attack to affect the topology of the network,grayhole by notifying other nodes in the network of the incident....

NS2.35 Tcl/Tk

Implement TMAC omnet

2015-03-24 10:08    By:sfstream      View:47      Download:2

In omnet4.0 platform to achieve more tmac agreement, which has detailed protocol implementation code, which has the agreement of all performance tests, you only need to create a new project and then import about recompiled to run. The simulation network mesh network...

Algorithm C++
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