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Clustering in aodv routing protocol

2015-11-10 10:21    By:aaaaa      View:108      Download:2

This is the source code of clustering in aodv routing protocol. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support!...

Linux programming C++

aodv routing protocol

2015-11-23 02:17    By:kojirole      View:231      Download:3

aodv, routes are discovered in an on-demand basis and are maintained as long as they are required. Like  DSDV it maintains a sequence number, which it increases each time it finds a change in the topology of its  neighborhood. This sequence number ensures that the most recent r...

Matlab Matlab

aodv protocol

2015-11-26 00:12    By:priyanka      View:146      Download:4

o date, the majority of ad hoc routing protocol research has been done using simulation only. One of the most motivating reasons to use simulation is the difficulty of creating a real implementation. In a simulator, the code is contained within a single logical component, which is clearly defined an...

Other C++

aodv source code

2015-11-15 10:17    By:aminfeyzi      View:121      Download:1

Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET) are a special kind of Mobile Ad-hoc network (MANET), in which vehicles on the road forms the nodes of the networks. Now a days, VANETs find several applications as an Intelligent Transportation System. Dynamic network architectures and node movement&n...

Shell Script C++

aodv Implementation

2015-11-23 05:02    By:saks      View:122      Download:2

This code is for implementing aodv routing protocol n manet using NS2. the code provided here is for 50 nodes.. user can change the number as per requirement....

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