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The book introduced the ndis protocol driver development: including the ndis int...

The book introduced the ndis protocol driver development: including the ndis interface model, protocol-driven programming...


under the Windows source code to achieve ndis...

vc ++ merchandise management system

Merchandise management system, making the login screen, product number, product name, price, quantity, total amount, enter product information, delete the contents of product information, menus, etc....

sdio IAP 8051 MSP430

Teach you if you use a SD card CPU FLASH update BOOT program control. /***************************************************************************************************** Letter sequences: FirmwareUpdate Function: firmware up star letter sequences Entry parameters: the limitation of...

Implement 驗 42 pictures 顯 follows implement 驗 destroy _sdio V1.1_ flux versions

This truth 驗 shine truth now are as follows function: away airport of when waiting first 檢 測 Word Cuzco, so 後 檢 測 SD card whether exists, if SD card exists, rules away began find SD card root accounts follows Xia of PICTURE file my wallet, if found rules obviously shows make file my wall...

ndis filter driver examples

This is winddk ndis intermediate driver provided in instances, in its Foundation, can be flexible according to demand increased filter codeSet policies only allow packets meet the criteria adopted, does not meet the criteria of the discarded code location of the already marked increases in filtering...

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