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arabic, persian english fonts on ARM(AT91SAM7X256) with keil

this is source codes for showing persian & arabic & english in ARM , with ili9325 LCD....

roman to arabic converter

This simple aplication helps you to convert roman notation of number to arabic and arabic to roman. ...

roman de-encoder

simple converter roman numbers. Press Esc to quit. type any number in the ipper Edit text.example how to process with textAn example how to create Dialog from template.Tool are included....

numeral Digit Recognisation

This Code provides you the way that how to recognise handwritten numeral digits.The approach used is Bays minnium error as used in Digital image processing techniques.There are different hanwriting fonts so it easily recognizes the handwriitten digits....

Buck converter

The model presents buck converter. Here buck converter is simulated which step down voltage from higher level to low level...

Three-Phase Matrix converter

This demonstration illustrates a three-phase matrix converter driving a static load and drawing unity power factor at the source. The system consists of a three-phase matrix converter (MC) constructed from 9 back-to-back IGBT switches. The MC is supplied by an ideal 60Hz three-phase source and drive...

Six-Pulse Cycloconverter

This demonstration illustrates a six-pulse cycloconverter driving a static load. Circuit Description: The system consists of three-phase to single-phase cycloconverter modules suitably arranged to implement a three-phase to three-phase architecture. Each module has a positive and negative cycle t...

A New Buck-Boost DC/DC converter of High Efficiency by Soft Switching Technique

In this paper, we study on a new buck-boost dc/dc converter of high efficiency by soft switching technique. Theswitching devices in the proposed converter are operated by soft switching with a new partial resonant circuit. The partial resonant circuit is designed to replacement of an...

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