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anti aliasing c+ code

2015-03-24 11:23    By:davidice      View:26      Download:0

Line drawing with Anti-aliasingWuLines.dsp    This file (the project file) contains information at the project level and    is used to build a single project or subproject. Other useRS can share the    project (.dsp) file, but they should export the makefiles local...

Algorithm C++

MATLAB implementation of Dijkstra algorithm

2015-03-23 10:21    By:njwhat      View:178      Download:0

MATLAB function is very powerful, in this Article, mainly introduces MATLAB on computer basic operation in advanced mathematics, linear algebra and matrix calculations in some basic calculations, polynomials, using concrete examples, and specific examples of modeling and then write m file, then the...

Matlab Matlab

usart communication codes of atxmega128a1

2015-02-17 22:35    By:tvro123      View:44      Download:0

Atxmega128a1 USART communications c source .......

Avr C++

AF cooperative relaying

2015-03-23 01:23    By:diwangwgl      View:22      Download:0

Collaborative communication network, AF collaboration agreements a simple implementation code, QPSK modulation for data transmission...

Matlab Matlab

Meshlab and VCGlib

2015-03-18 08:37    By:fsm      View:62      Download:0

Meshlab and VCGlib is Italy National Institute of work, meshlab offeRS a number of model analysis and processing algorithms, and VCGlib to create a basic data structure and algorithm for traveRSe, also provides a model of basic algorithms. VCGlib is written in standard C++ library, which provides th...

Graph C++

Java example HMAC digest

2015-02-03 06:45    By:catmao1981      View:22      Download:0

Java instance summary of HMAC series, HMACMD series is realized, HMACSHA series digest algorithm, the corresponding binary conveRSion;...

Java Development Java

mifare mfrc531

2015-02-12 22:48    By:m.pehlivann      View:92      Download:0

The MIFARE Classic family is the pioneer and front runner in contactless smart card ICs operating in the 13.56 MHZ frequency range with read/write capability and ISO 14443 compliance. Smart cards based on MIFARE Classic ICs are widely used and a commonly known solution in various applications suc...

Arm C++

Android andengine engine RPG game

2015-01-25 01:08    By:sb2222      View:39      Download:0

Android game this is based on the andengine engine source code for educational purposes. Andengine engine is a 2D game engine is an open source and free, there are a lot of games are developed based on this engine, the engine is based on OPENGL ES2, a lot of work to native layer to complete, so effi...

Android Java

ABD Matrix classical laminate theory

2014-11-27 06:58    By:sujitchan431      View:10      Download:0

ABD Matrix provides a repository containing thousands of composite-content only documents. All values are easily accesible to hobbyiests, students, professoRS and professional engineeRS interested in learning about composites. ...

Matlab Matlab

DSPACK source code

2015-03-27 01:51    By:bobo189      View:122      Download:2

DSPACK source, containing package,source and development needs based on DirectShow video components...

Image Processing Delphi

Volterra forecasting Toolbox

2015-02-26 23:46    By:jinshaozhen@831026      View:15      Download:1

In recent yeaRS, especially the analysis of nonlinear systems under chaotic background to produce a time series of increasingly popular to people's attention. To determine the relationship between chaos and random phenomena between, is determined to push the existing model Canton, is the nature...

Matlab Matlab

haar-like face recognition

2015-03-27 03:40    By:annychen      View:39      Download:0

This function ObjectDetection is an implementation of the Detection in the Viola-Jones framework. In this framework Haar-like features are used for rapid object detection. It supports the trained classifieRS in the XML files of OpenCV which can be download as part of the OPENCV software on opencv.wi...

Algorithm Matlab

Leach Protocol Matlab code

2015-03-26 07:31    By:atai      View:156      Download:2

Leach Protocol improvement of cluster-head selection algorithm and simulation in improvement of LEACH. H agreement on the cluster head node in the electoral process, and residual energy full consideration of the cluster head node, set the energy thresholds the cluster head, preventing the cluster he...

Matlab Matlab

Android FTP source code

2015-03-25 18:16    By:fxlysm      View:216      Download:5

Android FTP Source code,  for FTP client development on Android, support upload and download....

Android Java

Matlab to Weka converter source code

2015-03-16 03:04    By:pinki      View:181      Download:1

This code will convert a weka supported file into .mat file and also a matlab file into weka supported file. Using this code, you need not to write separate matlab code for a dataset. Just provide the dataset and you can get its .mat file.  ...

Matlab Matlab

HADOOP3 development tutorial

2014-12-03 05:16    By:uq800      View:26      Download:0

Hadoop is the Apache open source project, the main objective of development is to build reliable, scalable scalable, distributed system, Hadoop is the sum of a series of subprojects that contain. 1. the Hadoop common: for other projects to provide the infrastructure 2. the HDFS: a distri...

Parallel Computing PDF

Kmeans algorithm

2014-12-24 07:33    By:lll921176681      View:49      Download:1

harris Corner detection source code, simple and efficient, easy to undeRStand, you can effectively detect the image corneRS, and provided a circular procedure, to ring out of a corner point on the image. Use the format [CNT,posr,POSC] = get_Harris(IMG,k,t), IMG needs to detect the images, k,t respec...

Algorithm Matlab

Azimuth display software for Android platform

2015-03-14 03:30    By:huazai      View:76      Download:1

Android Platform design includes networking data display software receives data visualization and animation, electronic compass displays three sections. Android mobile phone platform-targeting information display software, WIFI networks as data transmission medium, and system USR-WIFI232-B Wirel...

Android Java

gabor texture feature extraction

44 minutes ago    By:zwguo9820141516      View:140      Download:3

Gabor wavelet and the human visual system's response to visual stimuli is very similar to the simple cell. It has good properties in the local space and frequency domain information extracted target areas. Although not in itself constitute a Gabor wavelet orthogonal basis, but in the specific parame...

Matlab Matlab

LDA model written in Java language

2015-02-10 02:47    By:叶尽缘何      View:56      Download:0

lda model, using java language, and I wanted to do experiments lda text classification, some algorithms related to this inside, I did not undeRStand some of the hope that God will give you big look, to help solve the next problem....

Algorithm Java
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