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artificial bee colony algorithm matlab source code

2015-03-27 15:18    By:y453126364      View:213      Download:0

  artificial bee colony algorithm mimics the behavior of bees is an optimization method is proposed, is a specific application of the thought of swarm intelligence, its main characteristic is the privileged information does not need to understand the problem, just need to make a comparison of t...

Matlab Matlab

A simple implementation of artificial bee colony algorithm

2015-03-25 08:36    By:wierdoki      View:127      Download:2

This is a simple implementation of artificial bee colony algorithm to karaboga. artificial bee colony algorithm mimics the behavior of bees is an optimization method is proposed, is a specific application of the thought of swarm intelligence, its main characteristic is the privileged informat...

Matlab Matlab

Ant colony algorithm matlab source code

2015-03-16 09:10    By:@花开半夏@      View:101      Download:0

ACO (Ant colony algorithm,ACA) largely mimic the mechanism of Ant foraging through a number of artificial ants communicate with each other, collaborate, quickly find the optimal path. ACA is a generic new heuristic method for solving combinatorial optimization problems, which multiple agents (artifi...

Matlab Matlab

Ant colony algorithm matlab code

2015-03-19 09:21    By:@花开半夏@      View:87      Download:1

Ant colony algorithm was originally proposed by Dorigo [3], is a new heuristic approach for solving combinatorial optimization problems. This method is characterized by positive feedback, distributed computing, as well as constructive greedy heuristic search. Positive feedback helps you quickly find...

Matlab Matlab

QoS multicast routing problem based on Ant colony algorithm matlab source code

2015-03-25 07:32    By:hhl2007      View:108      Download:6

QoS Network routing and multicast routing is important project studies in computational intelligence, where the QoS Constraint contains common delay, jitter, bandwidth, and packet loss rate, optimization of minimum cost multicast tree, this issue has proved to be NP Complete problems, conventional a...

Matlab Matlab

Classic artificial bee colony algorithm

2015-03-27 13:31    By:leitianqi800      View:80      Download:1

Traditional simulation of artificial bee colony algorithm under the c platform, artificial bee colony algorithm mimics the behavior of bees is an optimization method is proposed, is a specific application of the thought of swarm intelligence, its main characteristic is the privileged information doe...

C++ C++

Gbest-guided artificial bee colony algorithm for numerical function optimization

2015-03-12 18:36    By:sudha      View:63      Download:0

artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm invented recently by Karaboga is a biological-inspired optimization algorithm, which has been shown to be competitive with some conventional biological-inspired algorithms, such as genetic algorithm (GA), differential evolution (DE) and particle s...

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ABC algorithms matlab

2015-03-24 03:58    By:njamras      View:176      Download:0

ABC algorithms matlab with GUI Testing with many of banch mark fuctions. artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm artificial bee colony (ABC) is one of the most recently defined algorithms by Dervis Karaboga in 2005, motivated by the intelligent behavior of honey bees. It is as simple as Particle Swarm...

Matlab Matlab

Article bee conoly algorithm

2015-03-19 04:40    By:leitianqi800      View:25      Download:0

This is classic artificial bee colony algorithm source code. It can be changed according to their needs any straightforward....

Matlab Matlab

matlab GUI example source code to simulate Ant colony algorithm for path optimization

2015-03-28 10:23    By:jerry      View:1715      Download:2

For simulation of Ant colony algorithm for path optimization matlab GUI example program code, writing through  the matlab GUI framework, vivid and lifelike, Very good interpretation of the principle of Ant colony algorithm  and Ant colony algorithm for path searching for u...

Matlab C

Genetic algorithm matlab source code

2015-03-28 21:29    By:Hero2ljj      View:2297      Download:15

This is the matlab code of the Genetic algorithm with Elitism. It described the whole process of geneticalgorithm in detail, and introduced elitism based on the genetic algorithm. It improved the performance ofthe original genetic algorithm greatly....

Matlab Matlab

Genetic algorithm and its improved algorithm matlab program

2015-03-28 13:46    By:tiancheng      View:150      Download:1

Proficient matlab and optimization process, a book chapter XIV genetic optimization algorithm matlab source code, including the original genetic algorithm and six improvement program, the program list is:AdapGA.m  DblGEGA.m  GMGA.m  MMAdapGA.m  myGA.m  NormFitGA.m  SBOG...

Matlab Matlab

Simulated annealing algorithm matlab code

2015-03-28 10:58    By:gogoing      View:152      Download:0

Realization of simulated annealing algorithm matlab program program function extremum (modified after a reference, thanks to ARMYLAU) Using the simulated annealing method to evaluate the function f (x, y) = 3*COS (XY) + x + y2 minimum value The solution: according to the meaning, we design the coo...

Matlab Matlab

K-means clustering algorithm (matlab)

2015-03-25 06:07    By:njwhat      View:317      Download:5

Recent study pattern recognition and image processing, collect some matlab source code, share them, and also hope to make friends with common interests. K-means clustering method is divided into the following steps: first, initializing cluster centers 1, depending on the issue, based on experience f...

Matlab Matlab

Opticle networking based on ant bee colony algorithm

2014-11-19 18:55    By:venkatvasu08      View:9      Download:0

Hi every one, i have given the code optical network based routing algorithm in ant bee colony algorithm....

Matlab Matlab

Benders decomposition for solving mixed-integer programming algorithm matlab program

2015-03-26 23:53    By:666weidu      View:577      Download:2

Solving mixed integer programming is a classic problem, an algorithm for Benders decomposition which is more effective, the source code for Benders Decomposition algorithm matlab program, is a very good study materials...

Matlab Matlab

MeanShift algorithm matlab program

2015-03-16 07:21    By:present      View:87      Download:2

algorithm matlab program MeanShift, which contains a collection of test images, the code includes comments, MeanShift algorithm is described in great detail the process: initialization, weight calculations, PAP distance calculation, and update the target location in real time, learning is easy...

Matlab Matlab

ALOHA algorithm matlab simulation

2015-03-18 01:59    By:814627093      View:52      Download:0

This project is the matlab simulation of the ALOHA algorithm. Welcome to download and use. Thank you very much for your support....

Matlab Matlab

Correlation Interferometer direction finding algorithm matlab simulation

2015-02-26 23:22    By:AprilHao      View:60      Download:2

Procedures for matlab simulation of correlation Interferometer direction finding method. With 5 circular antenna array receiver arrays, calculating the phase difference between the two, formed the standard library, and measured by means of related signal arrival direction. Run Untitled1, enter the p...

Matlab Matlab
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