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Asp.net2.0 e-commerce network source

2015-11-24 05:45    By:LinRain9527      View:112      Download:1

Asp.net2.0 e-commerce network source, A three-tier Architecture development, integrAted product line shows At the front desk, user registrAtion, online surveys, online posting, bAckground cAtegory mAnAgement librAry membeRShip mAnAgement And distribution order mAnAgement scope mAnAgement mAiling lis...

CSharp C#

Asp+SQL e-commerce sAles Web site

2015-10-31 04:29    By:wddabc      View:102      Download:0

Asp+SQL e-commerce sAles site, fAmiliAr with network progrAmming, website, etc.. DAtAbAse operAtions such As fAmiliAr,...


GAntry Asp free website progrAm

2015-09-22 05:45    By:six168      View:77      Download:0

Asp gAntry stAtion progrAms, source code using the ACC dAtA, uploAd finish cAn be used without setting Anything, best Community Forum source code, supports WAP veRSion And colored veRSion of the switch, the progrAm functions, EntertAinment Web site interAction Forum, you cAn refer to the finished se...

Web Framework ASP/ASPX

HTTP tunneling tool reduh

2015-03-13 04:07    By:zf_w11      View:51      Download:0

reduh is ActuAlly A tool thAt cAn be used to creAte A TCP circuit through vAlidly formed HTTP requests. EssentiAlly this meAns thAt if we cAn uploAd A JSP/PHP/Asp pAge on A server, we cAn connect to hosts behind thAt server triviAlly....

sock Java

HospitAl mAnAgement system using

2 hours ago    By:ajith.joseph510      View:2657      Download:21

HospitAl mAnAgement systemDescription:                           The hospitAl mAnAgement softwAre is excellent softwAre in the hospitAl mAnAgement field. It mAnAges All section of the hospitAl like reception, lAb, inventory And Ac...

SQL Server C#

Alumni systems (Asp.NET 3.5 implementAtion)

2015-11-09 04:48    By:笑傲浆糊      View:115      Download:2

The bAsic functions of the progrAm Alumni system, through the operAtion of the dAtAbAse, perfected the Alumni of All feAtures, eAsy beginner to refer to the study, cAn Also be modified by the generAl frAmework to Achieve their function modules you wAnt to Add. I hope you cAn pAss this little progrAm...

Windows C++

Asp document mAnAgement procedures

2015-05-15 09:13    By:明者以心      View:34      Download:0

Gets the permissions the Asp server disk file mAnAgement progrAm, you cAn eAsily gAin AdministrAtive rights on the server, no document mAnAgement website, AutomAte file uploAd operAtion. Simple And convenient, And smAll file size....

Shell Script ASP/ASPX


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