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GSM Based Automatic Meter Reading and Billing System of at89s52 microcontroller programme

2015-03-22 03:50    By:khan      View:223      Download:0

 GSM Based Automatic Meter Reading and Billing System ..its my project. bt unfortunately i could not ready to  at89s52  microcontroller programme...so plz can i get at89s52 microcontrollr programe data....plz help me...

DataBase C++

Led Blink using at89s52 microcontroller

2015-03-08 21:22    By:NarendraK      View:100      Download:0

LED BLINK USING at89s52   Ever wonder how to blink leds and make fun projects with leds??? Wait's over now.Led blinking using at89s52 microcontroler computer simulation/proteus file is attached with this post. It is very simple and easy to understand if you are familiar with "C&q...

8051 programming C

Graphical LCD_at89s52

2015-02-24 20:58    By:sidaray      View:37      Download:2

This is the embedded c code for Graphical LCD to display A,B,C,D character....

Embeded C

vehicle tracking system using at89s52

2015-03-23 13:53    By:prabu      View:118      Download:3

this project is used to track the vehicle by using gsm and gps(Global Positioning System). gps module,gsm module and microcontroller set is placed in vehicle to track its position....

Embeded C

Read header Information from Microarray Raw Data File

2014-11-25 22:18    By:nicky      View:14      Download:0

Read the header information from a microarray raw data file, as output from an image analysis software program such as GenePix. These functions are used internally by read.maimages and are not usually called directly by users...

Image Processing Matlab

Merge multiple headers

2014-12-05 11:06    By:changuncle      View:7      Download:0

This document explains in detail, way of getting multiple headers and what is the function for each code, a comment in the code behind, I did it myself to test can be achieved, there is a need to take....

CSharp C#

C language header files library

2015-02-17 08:23    By:yili1991      View:50      Download:0

Summary the c language header file library, which contains all. h file, unzipped into corresponding folders can be...

Other C

STC header file

2014-12-27 08:21    By:xiao215      View:28      Download:0

It was STC's header files, happens to own use, began to preach about it. We want to help!...

File Word

89c52 header file

2015-02-09 02:07    By:hzbin      View:14      Download:0

89c52 header file. Need to download 89c52 header file. Need to download...

Java Development C++

nmea GPS header file gr-87

2015-02-14 18:56    By:jamshid      View:11      Download:0

this code manufactered for any nmea gps module and specific for NMEA gr-87 GPS module. it is a new c code for make a header file from and excute the program from . It is covered query mode and rate out put time u can configure the module by example NMEAGPSInit("Time,Date,Lat,Long,S...

gps C

Example 292--created page window containing the header information of the mouse the mouse hook DLL

2014-11-30 08:21    By:kiva      View:800      Download:0

Create record mouse hook DLL for the current mouse window containing the header information....

Windows C++
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