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All interrupt driven ADC library for atmel ATmega32 written in C

2015-09-26 12:51    By:norppu      View:247      Download:1

This is a simple library to drive the on chip ADC on ATmega32 and similar ships. You will need the gnu avrcc to compile this one. Since this is all interrupt driven the program does not need to use time for polling the ADC. The latest converted value is readily available at once. Th...

Embeded C

LCD and 1602 schematic program

2015-09-09 22:58    By:wallace1747      View:57      Download:0

LCD and 1602 schematic program, achieving 12864 scroll "day, according to the mountain, Yellow River enters the ocean current " 1602 LCD showing "good life of peace", notes for more!...

atmega16 C

Using Atmega32 SPI comunication for transmitting data

2015-11-28 12:01    By:avahid      View:174      Download:1

In this project, I use SPI to connect two Atmega32 and transfer data between them. Master micro scan and read matrix keypad and send it's data to slave micro. Slave micro receive data and print it on 16*2 alphanumeric LCD....

Atmega32 C

Atmega128 sample code

2015-11-11 02:49    By:kongpd      View:133      Download:2

This source code is implemented as a function of the function key c language atmega128. It includes functions such as timers, IO, interrupt, CHAR LCD, I2C, SPI is.  ...

software C

atmega32 lcd display siemens S65 (all) and C75

2015-10-08 06:51    By:helloshop      View:33      Download:2

Device based on atmel ATmega32 microcontroller, connect LCD display Siemens S65 (all modification) or display C75 (select in code). Real clock chip - HT1380.  The device is intended to set the voltage level depending on the user-defined time frame in the device menu....

Other ASM

lcd atmega32

2015-10-08 06:51    By:andresmauro17      View:37      Download:0

i’ve built usbasp programmer to program the microcontroller but that is another long story……………………It takes the higher 2kb of memory for bootloader. I have 6kb of memory to run all of my arduino projects. I was happy with it. I have tested the ir remote, ds18b20, hd74480, analog, di...

Embeded C

Project at Atmega16 with LCD display SED1520

2015-05-20 08:43    By:cigustm      View:87      Download:0

Project at Atmega16 with LCD display SED1520 source code. With cyrillic font. Freeware, for evaluation and non-commercial use only....


USB in-circuit programmer for atmel AVR controllers

2015-11-06 11:25    By:ilt2013      View:101      Download:1

USBasp is a USB in-circuit programmer for atmel AVR controllers. It simply consists of an ATmega48 or an ATmega8 and a couple of passive components. The programmer uses a firmware-only USB driver, no special USB controller is needed.  Features: - Works under multiple platforms. Lin...

Android LabView

dc servo drivers atmega8

2015-10-23 12:37    By:hongfeng      View:89      Download:1

ATmega8 processor control of DC servo motor driver source code, /* Servo Controller. atmel ATmega8 based. INT Version (v0.2) Clock: 16 MHz */...

直流电机驱动器 ASM

mega48pa + RFID + lcd nokia3110

2015-11-21 22:39    By:ilord      View:100      Download:3

Read information from RFID Mifare Classic 1K card. Show it on LCD Nokia 3110. Using atmel AVR mega48pa...

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