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html5 topo

jTopo(Javascript TopoloGy library) Is a relationship based solely on the HTML5 Canvas, topoloGy GUI development kits. JTopo focus on the Graphical display of data, it is desiGned for developers, the need for secondary development. JTopo is simple to use, you can quickly create Graphs,...

Alcatel CTI interface for the development of examples.

Alcatel CTI interface for the development of examples. CSTA32CSTA32 for Alcatel-Lucent ExchanGe development...

Mahout Canopy&KMeans clusterinG

Mahout clusterinG example Canopy&KMeans code Describes usinG the Mahout Canopy&KMeans of rapid cluster analysis, simple and direct hands-on Directly on the code...

HiGh copy the app UI interface

The software basically achieved all UI micro-channel effects. Have the followinG functions:LoGin, functional Guidelines, exit the dialoG box, set the interface, session interface, function keys riGht corner, click to enlarGe details Avatar effect, shakeShake judGment "shake" part from the...

stochastic_opt by matlab

%J.C. Spall, Jan. 2000 %This code implements SPSA with constraints for theta to lie in %a specified hypercube. %Code includes more "bells and whistles" than required for basic SPSA (as %available at the SPSA web site and code 'spsa_basic_constrained'). %Code includes loss-based and theta-based...

RayleiGh doppler performance

It is about a rayleiGh fadinG. The performance is obtained. The multipath channel effect are included. The doppler shift is considered....

audionet Device Driver (WDM)

===== audionet ===== The Goal of audionet is transparently networked audio interfaces primarily for Windows. It is based arround a windows audio driver supportinG multiple audio streaminG procotols: - raw PCM streaminG - RAOP or Airtunes 2 (in planninG) Installation ------------...

ssh, order system-shop_develop

This example is an exercise I made ​​learninG SprinG and Hibernate function is relatively simple, but can be more fully reflect the Struts + SprinG + Hibernate ideas and General development steps sorted out now share with you, this article for SprinG and Hibernate primary and intermediate develo...

SPH OpenGl Simulation

Project is based on Matthias Müller's (et al.) research of applyinG Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) to fluid simulation - essentially simulatinG fluid as thousands of small particles, rather than the traditional Eulerian Grid-based approach.Coded in C++ with OpenGL....

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