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Speaker recognition based on feature extraction based on wavelet transform

2014-12-18 09:54    By:bindouzi507      View:44      Download:0

Wavelet analysis in terms of the voice feature extraction! File list:  sharks_1.0   ..........\About.fig   ..........\About.m   ..........\config.mat   ..........\DataBaseAccess.fig   ..........\DataBaseAccess.m   ......

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mfcc code for mel frequency coefficient cepestral

2014-12-18 07:33    By:M_RAHIM      View:60      Download:1

this matlab code is for mfcc in audio processing.mfcc is mel frequency cofficient cepestral. that is a source code about feature extraction about audio....

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mfcc extraction code

2014-12-19 14:34    By:yinger_1978      View:97      Download:1

Speech Recognition is very important characteristic parameter extraction of speech, mfcc parameters both easy to store, and consistent with human auditory habits, current speech recognition process is widely used, the code is the simulation matlab code, complete and efficient extraction capabilities...

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Gray-level feature extraction for blood vessel segmentation or classification applications

2014-12-19 02:59    By:JEYA      View:228      Download:1

feature extraction is an important procedure for image segmentation or classification. This can be used for blood vessel segmentation or classification. Gray_level features are obtained based on operations conducted with the intensity levels of the neighbouring pixels or otherwise called the...

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The features extraction for character recognition

2014-12-18 09:51    By:khadhraoui      View:59      Download:0

The featureextraction of single characters of english language based on their geometric properties from the input image. Two approaches are explained for extracting feature vectors. The final feature vector generated for my purpose had more 120 elements. The features are based on the...

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Using MATLAB begged mfcc

2014-12-16 17:58    By:QinChunlai      View:55      Download:0

Using MATLAB for mfcc extraction of speech signal Master step: 1、 Pre-emphasis Pre-emphasis is actually a high-pass filter, which Shun high-pass filter transfer function for:                < /c31> ...

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mfcc and Gmm speaker recognition

2014-12-19 03:43    By:sara18      View:101      Download:3

Go.m program. This algorithm is based on mfcc and Gmm speaker recognition, in the test folder of voice data from the laboratory of Valley of the Yun-Chen, Liang Jianjuan, Hu Yegang, Xiong Ke, Yan Xiaoyun's real voice. Portion of the program uses a Taiwan SAR and DCPR Toolkit prepared by Mr Zhang Z...

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mfcc classic codes

2014-12-16 08:27    By:h111ll      View:29      Download:0

mfcc, most comprehensive, non-circulating on the Internet, first to enter data window framing, for every frame of the speech, SFFT, seek a power spectrum, send Mel filterbanks, after logarithmic transformation, DCT transformation to achieve the ultimate in compression mfcc feature parameters...

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demo file for feature extraction to object recognition

2014-12-12 04:26    By:fairy7      View:28      Download:0

In this file you can find source codes for feature extraction, also there are some examples and images. ...

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Image feature extraction and matching of Matlab code

2014-12-20 17:00    By:xiaoxiaobin      View:279      Download:3

Successfully tested on the SIFT algorithm Matlab code, is very easy. Can be convenient and efficient extraction and matching of feature points. Inside are pictures of examples for reference....

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LBP feature extraction

2014-12-20 01:33    By:maozi      View:48      Download:1

Developed with C++ source code, can be used for grayscale images LBP feature extraction and feature pictures into classifiers can be identified, LBP is characterized by a robust...

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Gabor feature extraction

2014-12-18 10:02    By:a2368699078      View:52      Download:1

Gabor feature extraction of the image, a very effective feature, and use SVM for image classification...

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feature extraction of fingerprint identification source code

2014-12-12 01:25    By:随心而动      View:24      Download:1

Fingerprint feature extraction, including binarization, fan and so, Chinese interpretation, very detailed, easy to understand, there is no basis also understand that contain multiple subroutines, at a glance, everyone is very helpful....

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