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automatic street light control

2015-08-25 02:04    By:mari      View:13      Download:0

Hi friends, i attached my automatic street light control project file. It's based on MICRO C compiler. My automatic street light control project is used to easily analyze the program flow. I have a lot of projects. This is a one of them. ...

Embeded C

Silverlight source code

2015-05-07 05:41    By:kkkk      View:33      Download:0

This thing is Management system source code, including Silverlight and ASPNET stuff, including schema, and basic operation, the program can run, but has yet to be perfected....

Web Framework C#

Silverlight MVVM

2014-11-19 02:00    By:hiwangjunhui      View:15      Download:0

This small program, using Silverlight MVVM pattern development, the database uses SQLServer2008, implements only a part of them, if there are errors, we hope to criticism....

Web Framework C#

a mechanism of transparently invoking Objective-C Viewcontrollers from Javascript running within a UIWebView

2015-11-25 06:56    By:shahdhiren      View:44      Download:0

KPWebViewInterceptor - a mechanism of transparently invoking Objective-C Viewcontrollers from Javascript running within a UIWebView.A mechanism of transparently invoking Objective-C Viewcontrollers from Javascript running within a UIWebView.KPWebViewInterceptor is a class that sits between your UIWe...

iOS Objective-C

Face recognition sunlightface

2015-11-27 03:24    By:wust_pw      View:407      Download:18

Face recognition accuracy rate of 97.18%, 1 second to complete. Can be complex, and remains true in the context of light work, and supports more people face in one scene on the detection, identification, validation. Wearing glasses and black can also detect and identify. Detects human faces from va...

Graph C++

Flash controller verilog code

2015-11-18 01:18    By:courageheart      View:439      Download:10

This is the verilog code of Samsung K9 series Flash controller, it is complied and verified on FPGA development board, the verification environment is quartusii and modelsim combined platform. You can find the datasheet of K9 flash on the internet. The size of the flash is 1024*32....

verilog Verilog

A little wired, Silverlight

2015-10-25 09:42    By:shuai      View:22      Download:0

Silverlight a little wired, GIS...

Windows C#

Traffic light controller

2015-11-25 19:46    By:ARUN      View:150      Download:0

library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.all; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_unsigned.all; entity traffic is port (clk: in STD_LOGIC; clr: in STD_LOGIC; lights: out STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(5 downto 0)); end traffic; architecture traffic of traffic is type state_type i...

vhdl VHDL

WPF/Silverlight - Routed Commands Demo

2015-11-05 04:45    By:admin      View:21      Download:0

How routed command is used to interface Demo includes: 1. What is Routed Commands 2. Routed Command Principle 3. Routed Command Concepts 4. Advantages of Routed Commands 5. WPF built in Routed Commands 6. WPF Routed Events Vs WPF Routed Commands 7. Demo 1 : Command Source and Com...

CSharp C#


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