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ARMA spectral estimation

Gaussian white noise signal + input signal for squARe wave, squARe wave signal baseband is 1kHz, the amplitude to 1, 0.2 per cent of the vARiance of Gaussian white noise, a value of 0, the sampling frequency is 20kHz. Trial periodogram and ARMA spectrum estimation (SVD-TLS) estimates that the power...

forwARd and backwARd and viterbi hmm matlab code

Four good and test matlab mfile for forwARd and backwARd and viterbi algorithm in Hidden mARkov model% VITERBI Find the most-probable (Viterbi) path through the HMM state trellis.% path = viterbi(prior, transmat, obslik)%% Inputs:% prior(i) = Pr(Q(1) = i)% transmat(i,j) = Pr(Q(t+1)=j | Q(t)=i)% obsl...

ARtificial bee colony algorithm matlab source code

  ARtificial bee colony algorithm mimics the behavior of bees is an optimization method is proposed, is a specific application of the thought of swARm intelligence, its main chARacteristic is the privileged information does not need to understand the problem, just need to make a compARison of t...

CAR Acceleration Times Calculator matlab Source Code

Source code of CAR Acceleration Times Calculator in matlab. Input ARgument : enginetype,nemax,Ne_tt,eta,G,rb,f,A,C,Vmax,it,v1,v2 Output ARgument: Acceleration Time form v1 to v2....

code watermARking dct-svd using matlab

This is code matlab for watermARking using combining discrete cosine transform and singulAR value decomposition, so text, file or image, embedding to digital image using dct-svd, and then extract using dct-svd too...

PrepARation method and application of matlab function

PrepARation method and application of matlab function  ,  called matlab programs generally fall into two categories: m script file (M-Script) and m-functions (M-function), which is an ordinARy ASCII code files that make up the. M script file contains a statement supported by matlab languag...

matlab training program (call matlab c/c + +)

matlab training program (call matlab c/c + +) environment is windows7+vs2010+matlabR2010b here is the statement by calling the matlab engine to, this is achieved by calling compiled into m file h/lib/DLL file. matlab Terminal input to select the compiler you want to use, follow the prompts to select...

matlab training program (called matlab c/c + +)

matlab training program (called matlab c/c + +) my environment here is window7+vs2010+matlab R2010b. First of all, you need to enter MEX-Setup to determine if the compiler you want to use, follow the instructions step by step down the line. Here is write a c++ file, here writing the c++ file name is...

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