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ARMA spectral estimation

2015-11-25 09:47    By:sleepyqiang      View:38      Download:0

Gaussian white noise signal + input signal for squARe wave, squARe wave signal baseband is 1kHz, the amplitude to 1, 0.2 per cent of the vARiance of Gaussian white noise, a value of 0, the sampling frequency is 20kHz. Trial periodogram and ARMA spectrum estimation (SVD-TLS) estimates that the power...

Communication Matlab

CAR Acceleration Times Calculator matlab Source Code

2015-10-25 07:05    By:silver9x      View:42      Download:0

Source code of CAR Acceleration Times Calculator in matlab. Input ARgument : enginetype,nemax,Ne_tt,eta,G,rb,f,A,C,Vmax,it,v1,v2 Output ARgument: Acceleration Time form v1 to v2....

Matlab Matlab

code watermARking dct-svd using matlab

2015-11-18 21:35    By:basz      View:208      Download:5

This is code matlab for watermARking using combining discrete cosine transform and singulAR value decomposition, so text, file or image, embedding to digital image using dct-svd, and then extract using dct-svd too...

Matlab Matlab

A Japanese radAR system simulation of matlab toolbox

2015-11-17 00:12    By:粉乙男      View:108      Download:1

Japanese for a radAR system simulation of matlab toolbox, ARe added to the Toolbox, a very practical program!!!...

Matlab Matlab

forwARd and backwARd and viterbi hmm matlab code

2015-10-11 12:11    By:alireza      View:74      Download:4

Four good and test matlab mfile for forwARd and backwARd and viterbi algorithm in Hidden mARkov model% VITERBI Find the most-probable (Viterbi) path through the HMM state trellis.% path = viterbi(prior, transmat, obslik)%% Inputs:% prior(i) = Pr(Q(1) = i)% transmat(i,j) = Pr(Q(t+1)=j | Q(t)=i)% obsl...

Matlab Matlab

Testing a nARx neural network in matlab

2015-08-29 03:18    By:gatinxxx      View:80      Download:3

A sinlge or multiple ARray for testing the nARx type of neural network, inputs ARe editable and the output is validates with R and squARe meaning error....

Matlab Matlab

ARtificial bee colony algorithm matlab source code

2015-11-27 04:48    By:y453126364      View:252      Download:3

  ARtificial bee colony algorithm mimics the behavior of bees is an optimization method is proposed, is a specific application of the thought of swARm intelligence, its main chARacteristic is the privileged information does not need to understand the problem, just need to make a compARison of t...

Matlab Matlab

Five point finite difference scheme for Possion equations of first boundARy value problem of matlab programming

2015-11-24 10:26    By:wavelet      View:138      Download:2

Possion equation of domains as a two-dimensional space, solving equations of this type usually adopt a five-point difference scheme on the boundARy and the nine-point difference, for some more specific solution domain such as circle, ring, fan-shaped or annulAR sector region, you can also use polAR...

Matlab Matlab

Dynamic neural network forecasting time series studies--NARX implementation based on matlab

2015-11-08 04:26    By:njwhat      View:140      Download:0

Prediction of time series in the field of Economics and engineering is of great significance. ChARacteristics of paper based on dynamic neural network proposed to dynamic neural network method for prediction of time series and using dynamic neural networks of duffing (Duffing) predicted the sequence...

Matlab Matlab


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