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bank queue system simulation

2015-01-25 05:17    By:Athelas      View:31      Download:0

Assume that banks have only one window (row a), customer arrival time interval value is 200 seconds of  exponential distribution, clients receiving treatment at the window Time with exponential distribution with  mean value is 300 seconds. Queuing simulation system of...

数据结构 C

qmf filter bank

2015-01-07 19:05    By:阿Q      View:19      Download:0

Audio/Phone 碼 bian solutions, orthogonal wave 鏡 濾 yeah here is often a moment implement fully furnished apartments for a GE split into two GE 頻 plaster split document into Hao wave 濾 zu . Advises high-pass and low-pass Hao often reduce the letter twice, give 臨 community education m...

Audio Matlab

OFDM simulation

2014-12-22 21:23    By:fhaydos      View:24      Download:0

Une description détaillée des OFDM simulation de codage, vous pouvez exécuter, télécharger la machine ne le regrette jamais! Une description détaillée des OFDM simulation de codage, vous pouvez exécuter, télécharger la machine ne le regrette jamais! Une description détaillée des OFDM sim...

Matlab Matlab

simulation ofdm on matlab

2015-02-23 05:27    By:fhaydos      View:60      Download:1

simulation ofdm matlab orthogonal frequency Une description détaillée des OFDM simulation de codage, vous pouvez exécuter, télécharger la machine ne le regrette jamais!...

Matlab Matlab

Simple C++ implementation of ATM queues simulation

2014-12-11 15:25    By:xiangp1894      View:20      Download:0

The program simply enables simulation of ATM queues in the C++ language, contains some basic C++ language syntax specification and programming formats, are learning C++ class can refer to the following...

C++学习和开发 C++

very good simulation of smoke

2014-12-17 10:19    By:wocaonimade      View:32      Download:0

Very realistic real-time smoke simulation. Very realistic smoke simulation in real time. Very realistic real-time smoke simulation. Very realistic real-time smoke simulation. Very realistic real-time smoke simulation. Very realistic real-time smoke simulation. Very realistic real-time smoke simulati...

asd C++

3D FDTD simulation of a center-fed half-wave dipole antenna

2015-02-12 23:46    By:012006018405      View:164      Download:1

3 D FDTD simulation of a center-fed half-wave dipole antenna. The simulation was done on an FDTD grid with size: nx*ny*nz*nt = 80*80*50 * 210. Absorbing boundaries are present (Berenger's technique) consisting of the outermost 10 layers....

Algorithm Fortran


2015-01-12 02:29    By:louise      View:28      Download:0

simulation of a robot play with it using keyboard s to rotate its arm e to rotate its ankle a to turn on/off the light r to set it to the initial position...

OpenGL C

LinuxNFqueue callback function

2014-12-16 09:51    By:zxb      View:22      Download:0

Iptables example code *data) { struct nfqnl_msg_packet_hdr *ph = NULL; struct nlattr *attr[NFQA_MAX+1]; uint32_t id = 0; struct nfgenmsg *nfg; if (nfq_nlmsg_parse(nlh, attr) < 0) { perror("problems parsing"); return MNL_CB_ERROR; } nfg = mnl_nlmsg_get_payload(nlh);...

Linux programming C

Code for Monte carlo simulation

2015-02-03 18:01    By:wwfjluedu      View:73      Download:1

Mongolia Carlo code. Describes light in anisotropic medium state of polarization is how changes in the process. Incident light perpendicular to the media, 4 State of polarization, horizontal polarization, vertical polarization State, 45 degrees relative to the horizontal polarization State, 135 degr...

Linux programming C

3D FDTD code for electromagnetic simulation

2015-02-18 06:27    By:mylittlefire      View:84      Download:0

In the pFDTD, pre-defined, a number of functions helps you to input complex dielectric/metallic structures by the repeated use of rather simple geometric structures. For example, the later use of input object functions will take over the overlapped region with the previously defined structures. I...

Algorithm C

Snow video simulation

2015-01-04 15:55    By:我是达子香      View:31      Download:0

This program is: in the context of known images, from pictures above the snow, there is an obvious snow 6-petal shapes, fallen snow in the picture bottom left, and a backlog of programs with original pictures, interested parties according to their own interests to change the photo    ...

Matlab Matlab

ns2 simulation

2015-01-24 22:02    By:amma      View:56      Download:0

this script tcl simulate mobile nodes that move between different base stations. the network is divided into domains and each domain is divided into clusters....

network simulation Tcl/Tk

IEEE802.15.4 opnet simulation model

2015-02-26 04:27    By:wsn_1111      View:112      Download:3

For IEEE802.15.4 protocol given opnet simulation model, requires opnet version is 15.0, otherwise not open,Code for zigbee wireless sensor networks learners and learners with a reference value...

opnet C++

bank Queuing system

1 hours ago    By:gdretop      View:32      Download:0

Simulating bank Queuing system, you can choose to handle the business, as well as updating information display. C++ program design is the subject of one of the...

Algorithm C++

The banker's algorithm

2015-02-22 00:56    By:smal_zhuo      View:59      Download:0

Through the graphical interface of data input, will be required to process the maximum number of resources, allocated resources, the number of remaining resources required to complete the process data in the array, again based on banker algorithm requires, to allocate between processes running, and...

Algorithm Java

A Particle Swarm Optimized Fuzzy Neural Network For bankruptcy Prediction

3 hours ago    By:allpro      View:1341      Download:2

Since the excellent performances of treating non- obtained from PSO-FNN are much higher than the ones linear data with self-learning capability, the neural networks obtained from NNs. To make this clearer, an illustrative (NNs) are wildly use in financial prediction problem. But the NNs examp...

Matlab Matlab
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