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an MFC dialog based on the structure of the Mail this client, the Mail client can send attachments, support SMTP authentication server, BASE64 encoding. The procedure used MFC CSocket category development, the author himself was a CSMTP to various types of processing. Note that some applications to...


Personnel wage a powerful management software, which contains a variety of class libraries, is to develop a good helper....


1、引入64位编码的原因:为了在http传递的过程中,为了隐藏较长的标识符,引入了base64位编码。通过64位编码之后,数据无法用肉眼识别,因此有很好的保密性。 2、编码的原理:其实很简单,将8位2进制数据转化为6位2进制数据...

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