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Algorithm of bifurcation for a discraete system

Algorithm of bifurcation for a discraete system,which could be used to calculate bifurcation and lypunov expnontes for dynamic system...


This source is used to draw diagram in you c# winform application.Simple and complete source is very helpful in your project....

ER diagram Editor

This project build an ER diagram editor tool. We can create or edit ER diagrams using this tool. We can simply drag each component of ER diagram using GUI....

C++ Code for Voronoi diagram

In mathematics, a Voronoi diagram is a way of dividing space into a number of regions. A set of points (called  seeds, sites, or generators) is specified beforehand and for each seed there will be a corresponding region  consisting of all points closer to that seed than to any...

bifurcation matlab

bifurcation analysis programs. Analysis of vibration in rotor dynamic stability...

Get lorenz chaos signal 3D drawing and time series of every directions

1. production of three dimensional lorenz signal graph 2.lorenz signal in three planes of projection 3.lorenz of time series signal in three directions...

Matrix a to free network diagram

MATLAB training program (matrix generating undirected graph) one bedroom is a network requires network diagram matrix into its image a bit, so I wrote this function. Features associated adjacency matrix or matrix into network diagrams, but I here can only be converted to an undirected graph, digraph...

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