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Get lorenz chaos signal 3D drawing and time series of every directions

2015-03-05 13:05    By:悲催小硕士      View:20      Download:0

1. production of three dimensional lorenz signal graph 2.lorenz signal in three planes of projection 3.lorenz of time series signal in three directions...

Algorithm Matlab


2015-03-17 01:15    By:jason      View:25      Download:1

This source is used to draw diagram in you c# winform application.Simple and complete source is very helpful in your project....


ER diagram Editor

2014-12-09 07:59    By:Jyoti Yadav      View:20      Download:0

This project build an ER diagram editor tool. We can create or edit ER diagrams using this tool. We can simply drag each component of ER diagram using GUI....

GUI Java

Algorithm of bifurcation for a discraete system

2015-01-20 22:37    By:kezairenjian      View:12      Download:0

Algorithm of bifurcation for a discraete system,which could be used to calculate bifurcation and lypunov expnontes for dynamic system...

Algorithm C

bifurcation matlab

2014-12-31 15:33    By:laydy      View:16      Download:0

bifurcation analysis programs. Analysis of vibration in rotor dynamic stability...

Matlab Matlab

C++ Code for Voronoi diagram

2015-03-25 05:06    By:zeus_jupiter      View:97      Download:0

In mathematics, a Voronoi diagram is a way of dividing space into a number of regions. A set of points (called  seeds, sites, or generators) is specified beforehand and for each seed there will be a corresponding region  consisting of all points closer to that seed than to any...

Algorithm C++

Matrix a to free network diagram

2014-12-13 23:46    By:njwhat      View:20      Download:0

MATLAB training program (matrix generating undirected graph) one bedroom is a network requires network diagram matrix into its image a bit, so I wrote this function. Features associated adjacency matrix or matrix into network diagrams, but I here can only be converted to an undirected graph, digraph...

Matlab Matlab

Voronoi diagram

2015-03-11 17:25    By:swedan      View:28      Download:0

implementation of voronoi diagram in javascript, it is used to draw a voronoi diagram on a map to distribute ATM in a specific region; each point in a cell represent a machine....

Algorithm JavaScript

Digital Communications Trellis diagram for MATLAB

2015-02-27 02:22    By:SOOMIN817      View:32      Download:0

This is algorithm for Trellis diagram for Matlab simulations. We can estimate Error using this program....

Matlab Matlab

P-V diagram for Gas turbines

2014-09-25 21:49    By:Nitesh      View:12      Download:0

This code is about plotting of Gas turbine cycle of 4 processes on P-V diagram  : 1. Low Pressure Compression  2. Constant Pressure Cooling  3.High Pressure Compression  4.Turbine Expansion ...

Matlab Matlab

Soft-PLC ladder diagram

2015-03-26 07:34    By:ZHCY      View:126      Download:9

PLC programming interface for designing with a VC, able to make the transformation from ladder diagram to a list of instructions! Software was developed by PLC systems system and run the system consists of two parts, PLC software development systems is actually a set of editing, debugging, and compi...


SVM technique and its application in fault detection of indicator diagram

2015-02-17 10:51    By:wangmaofa      View:6      Download:0

Use C++ code to write, well implemented one-class classification of indicator diagram, writing software has been based on business. Have some practical significance! Algorithm described in some detail, there is a certain Guide!...

Algorithm C++

IOS draw diagram

2014-12-04 09:22    By:weinifk      View:24      Download:0

Can be dynamically draw diagram source code, the code simple, high efficiency, draw a sine curve analysis using dynamic code, please try if you need...

iOS Objective-C

Linux_Kernel core manual (kernel diagram)

2015-02-23 07:36    By:prewitt      View:33      Download:1

Detailing the inner workings of the Linux kernel, and is equipped with extensive graphics easy to understand. -A detailed description of the internal linux kernel principle, there are a lot of graphics to help understanding....

OS Develop Word

Cc2530 AT24C02 of read and write operations (including connection diagram)

2015-03-25 23:13    By:zhang_chaoning      View:971      Download:4

This program is the AT24C02 Memory chips Write and read operations * * 按照 AT24C02 Manufacturer's information 02 Its storage capacity 即2K * 但此 2K 非彼 2K Its units are bits ( bit ) , 而不是我们平常的字节(byte), * 它的 2K There...

cc2530 C
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