unity3d Xffect Editor

2015-04-14 07:57    By:wangcccc      View:65      Download:1

unity3d Xffect effects plug-in Editor Pro special effects editor Professional Edition, the built-in Demo,  you can reference for learners...

unity 特效 C#

unity3D phone "shake shake shake" and vibration effects

2015-04-11 03:22    By:wangcccc      View:32      Download:0

unity3D in the mobile phone, "shake shake shake" and vibration effects scripts for beginners...

unity C#

unity3d Chinese API

2015-03-06 13:17    By:wangcccc      View:65      Download:0

unity3d API in Chinese, including Object, GameObjec, Transform, Collider, Input of the API made With two methods of using c #, js examples , Practitioners will contribute to both the lovers of U3D < /c21>...

unity C#

C++ MOpso code

2015-03-31 07:26    By:demo      View:333      Download:2

I MOpso my new research (multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization), used in a variety of optimization, C++ compiler, very easy to use, What choices do lead player? MOpso in the archive, select a particle follows. How to choose? According to mesh, assuming a number of particles in each gr...

Other C++

Rpso particle swarm optimization algorithm

6 hours ago    By:ellie      View:156      Download:4

Rpso particle swarm optimization algorithm...

Algorithm Matlab

pso algorithm program

2015-04-15 05:44    By:kaen      View:124      Download:2

Some common pso algorithm procedures, including basic pso, a linear variation pso, the compression factor pso, pso random weights, etc., can facilitate learning...

Other Matlab

Type 1 Particle Swarm Optimization (T1pso) + Conventional Particle Swarm Optimization (Cpso)

2015-04-12 06:42    By:oveisasgari      View:665      Download:2

Type 1 Particle Swarm Optimization is a modified version of Particle Swarm Optimization (pso) which is a computational method that optimizes a problem by iteravely trying to improve a candidate solution with regard to a given measure of quality. pso optimizes a problem by having a population of cand...

Algorithm Matlab

pso knapsack problem source code

2015-04-12 10:57    By:zhfsdu      View:95      Download:0

1 Enter Enter to pso2 parameters are set in the get_psoOptions.m3 knapsack.m file for knapsack problem fitness function4 knapsack_exampledata500.dat knapsack problem is processing data 500...

Matlab C

Particle Swarm Optimization with pso

2015-04-17 10:56    By:njwhat      View:146      Download:0

MATLAB training program (pso Particle Swarm Optimization) algorithm is not directly related to image processing, pattern recognition algorithm for image classification, however, may use this algorithm. Steps: 1. first determine the number of particles and the number of iterations. 2. a random initia...

Matlab Matlab

unity3D links to MySQL

2015-01-15 03:03    By:wangcccc      View:37      Download:0

unity3D links to MySQL, for unity for beginners to learn how to use...

数据库 C#

unit commitment data in matlab format with linear cost

2015-04-13 10:09    By:elshan      View:43      Download:1

unit commitment data include ramp rate minimum down and up time with linear cost considered from this paper Robust unit commitment With Wind Power and Pumped Storage Hydro Ruiwei Jiang, Student Member, IEEE, Jianhui Wang, Member, IEEE, and Yongpei Guan, Member, IEEE...

Matlab Matlab


2014-12-31 21:36    By:starry226      View:8      Download:0

binary Partical Swarm Optimisers: Toolbox, deviations and mathematical insights....

Image Processing C

Focus on improved Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm (CLpso;ISPO; Cpso

2015-04-04 22:37    By:活着2006      View:97      Download:2

Comprehensive study of particle swarm optimization algorithm ( CLpso ) And intelligent algorithm for single-particle (ISPO), several famous algorithm, and to integrate, multi-extremal optimization comparison can be made....

Algorithm C++

pso-BP neural network algorithm

1 hours ago    By:xpafly      View:126      Download:1

Particle Swarm Optimization, also known as Particle Swarm Optimization (Particle Swarm Optimization, pso), by J. Kennedy, R. C. Eberhart in 1995 to develop a kind of evolutionary computing, and based on a simplified model of social simulation. Where "Group (swarm)" originates from the pso...

Matlab Matlab

pso algorithm for solving function optimization problems

2015-04-16 04:24    By:panpan      View:94      Download:3

pso algorithm for function optimization problem pso algorithm for function optimization problem pso algorithm for function optimization problem pso algorithm for function optimization problem pso algorithm for function optimization problem pso algorithm for function optimization problem pso algorith...

Matlab Matlab

pso Toolbox

2015-04-04 02:13    By:随缘      View:53      Download:4

pso (pso algorithm) Matlab toolbox containing the Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for a variety of actions, as well as related functions. Which is equipped with a Toolkit documentation to help users understand and use-related functions....

Matlab Matlab

psomatlab code

2015-04-16 04:26    By:xueer198628      View:82      Download:0

The MATLAB pso Toolbox, within the instructions for use. This is a Matlab toolbox of Particle Swarm Optimization, use more convenient. Only need to define your own functions that need to optimize, function and set the variable range of values, each step of the iteration allows the maximum amount of...

Matlab Matlab

Particle Swarm Optimization (pso) validator standard test function.

2015-04-02 05:52    By:dsandxxl      View:52      Download:1

Particle Swarm Optimization (pso) verify the standard test procedures. A m files used to validate in the current literature is included in 7 standard test function (Ackley), three-dimensional dynamic display, features such as scatter when the particle concentration. Colleagues aimed at researchers P...

Matlab Others

IIR filter optimization using modified pso

2015-03-30 04:23    By:nikhil1      View:33      Download:0

This code i have written for the optimization with modified pso, considering the initial coefficient so that the no of required iteration reduces....

Matlab Matlab

pso algorithm based, comment more, very conducive to learning information.

2015-04-07 06:42    By:CrazyOrange      View:22      Download:0

A pso algorithm based, comment more, very conducive to learning information. Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm (pso--Particle Swarm Optimization) is a stochastic optimization technique based on population, by Kennedy and Eberhart, in 1995. Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm to imitate...

Algorithm Matlab

pso algorithm for solving knapsack problem example

2015-04-12 10:48    By:liuxin901230      View:59      Download:1

A simple example of pso algorithm for solving knapsack problem, knapsack problem beginners can refer to reference...

Matlab Matlab

EpsoN 150II mini printer driver

2015-03-30 10:04    By:onionhm      View:30      Download:1

AVR single-chip microcomputer control EpsoN 150II mini printer for printing Chinese characters. From font burn directly in FLASH, to communicate with the host computer via serial port, IO control printing progress. Suitable for small embedded systems using self-made fonts....

Embeded C

unity3D NGUI plugin

2015-02-10 06:54    By:wdcodeforge      View:66      Download:0

unity3D NGUI plugin, NGUI unity plug-in is a graphical interface plug-copy reference resource for learning to use, such as those involving copyright to the author,  Please buy genuine, please delete after download learning...


unity3d Little Mermaid dress up

2015-04-13 23:42    By:lifan      View:57      Download:1

Scripts written in c #, to control the Sims, in unity3d implementation, easy dress up, very useful, and can be used in games, on day-to-day programming is pretty good, very worthy of our reference....

CSharp C#

Enhanced Priority List unit commitment Method for Large Scale Systems with Focus on Low Residual Demand

2015-02-24 05:00    By:navid      View:24      Download:1

This project presents a new enhanced priority list (EPL) based method to solve large scale unit commitment problems, with specific focus on low demand. The EPL algorithm is set up based on a priority list of power plants. Plants are activated according to this list, while schedules are adapted to re...

Matlab Matlab

Bpso (binary Particle Swarm Optimization)

2015-03-27 17:16    By:jeshy      View:98      Download:4

binary particle swarm optimization algorithm, has better search ability, simple coding suitable for solving multidimensional optimization, and study the problem of multi-objective optimization! I hope this will be of helpful to others....

Matlab Matlab


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